Thursday, 13 July 2017


I have finally succeeded in separating from much of the second piece that is the Westerns and their dogs or renegades while keeping most of the views from my country that is China. This is something that I want. If they happen to drop I will be indifferent also.

I cannot accept imperialism and I am actually happy especially after calling a spade a spade. People in their minor demonstrations often lose view of the obvious. Critically, the intended audiences experienced success in receiving the message, and I am very proud of them.

I think if my objective is to please or serve others and pretend to like them as so many have done then I am merely squandering my life and deceiving myself.

I suspect my countrymen are a little bewildered by the world but I am understanding anyhow. Why follow the ways of beasts who are to just aspiring to be recycled toilet paper?

I want to be clear on a fact that those viewers outside China like in the annoying renegade province among the other illuminating examples who view web logs anonymously in a glassy assumption that they can hide themselves from state equipment are those I am talking about that I hope will disappear like the Westerns ones.