Sunday, 26 March 2017

Farewell to the Fallen and Forgotten

It has been so long. So long. So long. Just these few years have proved to be so trying for you many journeymen haven't they? Time is a healer of wounds, and is also a marker that fails those that cannot make it. Its waves and quick sands wash away and sink respectively the unnecessary excesses that you animal-criminal combines are made of. Time also doesn't remember the defeated underbellies, or positively if they obtain a mention; it remembers those who won it out greatly with a permanent place in its memory.

All your transgressions and false aspirations will be accounted for by you all that none of you can escape even if your enrolments in a penitentiary and lastly as usual, the purgatory are confirmed. Different times, same outcome. You had your time, you had your chance, but now is when you finally face your irrecoverable downfall, obscurity and end.

From all angles, I already have an unshakeable conviction all along that none of you really deserve to live the same way as the mythical "good old days" when your insignificant lives and your false and imperfect ways could help you squeak by. Why do you even try? You thought it would last forever hahahaha!!!! But you're wrong. All of you. You try to play games with established systems, you pretend at virtue, justice and civilisation when you know you're sinful and hypocritical rubbish, you resort to natural barbarianism to protect your primal ideals, and you enjoy being ingrates and hate admitting your actual forms that are treasonous swines.

Animals cannot reason with humans, and act only on their debased and corrupted emotions. But I like the axiom that you animals are not even half an inch "beyond" destruction, misery, bad ends, just and rightful human retaliation and the unseen acts of God that insurance companies fearfully respect.

You will all swim to the bottom of the ocean. Try and die. For all you rubbish we had to watch I will come out as the greatest beneficiary of it all. I might even play on your graves, even though your filthy carcasses and remains should just be thrown away ceremoniously in carbon trash bags.

Be happy!    

Monday, 6 March 2017

░▒▓█ China and Russia Risk UK Deception

Just yesterday Russia's media sputnik broadcast the UK "revealing" that it never saw "Russia" as "the enemy". While that may be heartwarming courtesy, but the government is saying so because the United Kingdom excluding the Republic of Ireland in principality has finally exited the European Union despite being its major sponsor all along so they are now on their own and in the climate of economic freedom and economic uncertainty afterwards they are now engaging and exploring new markets and economic possibilities to feed their female monarch - a political system that both China and Russia fully uninstalled due to their disappointing and unimpressive management skills - and stay alive even before they can say "relevant" on the world stage.

I believe China would find ways to squeeze the opium-peddling ex-imperialists - who once created a notorious British Empire for which "the sun never sets" that still wondrously and miraculously set with the inevitable return of their last lucrative overseas man-made emporium Hong Kong island to China under Chinese demand directly after sundown and before The End they have begun needing permission from new imperialist vermin the United States that they used to rule for military actions worldwide including especially the Falkland Islands dispute against far away Argentina - with new deals signed and probably Russia that defied impotent US sanctions over a dispute with Ukraine with a successful historical gas deal signed with China could also do the same to the combined country they also call "Great Britain" excluding the Republic of Ireland in principality that once also-ruled but is now economically performing much worse than all members of the bloc they named the "British Commonwealth" they left problems that exist till today after granting them independence.

The UK and the chimera they created that is the US are hypocritical imperialists - birds of the same feather despite the shift in power.

Their stunning transformation towards impoverishment aside, do not be deceived by their low cunning regardless.