Friday, 24 February 2017

░▒▓█ Brokeback Tiger Rural at Lucky Number 652 Should Accept His Fate and Return to His Village

I am convinced we have seen more than enough of him, even though common event organisers would want to - cynically or otherwise - sellout tickets on every hopeless one's laughably-incredible wet dream of seeing him come back and play as a token HALF-black on equal settings with the other established white ghost and other kind of names in the sport in front of pretty big sponsors and media like the good old days. He has recently said "the greatest thing that could happen is to not be remembered*", so we should sit idly by and respect his wish, and let him be forgotten in an era where people's memories of the famous are short and adjustable if not also for the purpose of personal entertainment.

He enjoyed himself with lots of positive feedback in the decadent 00s, has done his best to his family he is faithless to, his diners he doesn't care about and the sport he was lucky to spend his babyhood preparing for unlike the common people who are still figuring their way in college and adulthood so he can calmly just do it; throw it all up in the air, let the chips fall where they may and rest in peace.

*When Tiger Rural lives and messes life up like washed up corporate whore pawn Miley Sairus deviating from official narratives as proper and dedicated individuals of course he'd say that. It's not a "safe haven" for the "kids to learn and grow": it's his safe haven to try redeem himself in society by offering the kids opportunities to learn and grow.

So instead of the insignificant Masters, he should go for the Mistresses while he still can.

Rabbit! I didn't realise my future self has a future!

场捧来智同和胞同位各谢感 █▓▒░

                                                                     激感达表家大向能才何如知不 语难是真我
                                                    头苦些了吃也  墙石了翻推而客博傻的我看了为们你
                                                             好真那话的真是诺 吧心的我解了们你为因是说
好更得过会大家信想也我  家国的来未和能潜展发有个是国中们我为任是就身本我
                                                                                                 快愉活生 真成想梦家大祝