Wednesday, 7 October 2015

░▒▓█ Chief of Army Submits Letter to the Editor in relation to an article by Recalcitrant Ian McPhedran (Behave or Else)

I didn't realise unethical and unscrupulous sham writers exist in oceania. If you dare tell China to behave, then you should learn to behave first. And in your own home.

To the Editor,

It was with the greatest disappointment and dismay that I read Ian McPhedran’s article in your newspaper this morning, releasing the name of our most recent combat fatality before official release by Defence and by his family. The Army and the Defence Force have well established protocols for the release of names and personal details in these circumstances; protocols with which your journalists are very familiar but have clearly chosen to ignore.  

The family in this instance, whose lives are currently consumed with their own grief, had asked Army to wait to release his details so that they could deal with this terrible loss in their way. You have robbed them of this right. Such actions are unconscionable and un-Australian. Our only concern is a desire to look after those of the grieving family of a courageous soldier. Their trust has been betrayed by the selfish act of a journalist intent on being ‘the first’.

D.L Morrison


Chief of Army

04 July 2012

It looks like you still haven't with your wretched self and silence.