Wednesday, 15 July 2015

░▒▓█ Donald Duck Disappoints in his Racist Campaign for President.

An afterthought on the anonymous twitter death threat to the American't twit after talking nonsense over the Mexican't drug lord's prison escape:

I think for a politician wannabe paleman Donald Duck is very stupid, getting himself needlessly into trouble talking rubbish on notorious drug dealers next door. He must be thinking other people are too far away or illiterate to know or care. Yeah right.

 From similar television shows and websites Americans really love trolling and doing this sort of thing to other people even when they are in legitimate professions thinking they are safe, so keep doing and even thinking like that and see what happens. You guys in "faraway" America are fearless and discriminating no discerning anyway. "We do whatever we feel is right. Burp."

Not saying that trade or act is right on the contrary, but DD for his age, experience and even social standing is just unbelievably insensitive and stupid. And he has so many stupid supporters. Stupid supporting the stupid.

You people are hopeless.