Saturday, 11 July 2015

░▒▓█ About Leadership

Actually I surprised myself that it took some time going through the imperfect world and its yapping human wannabes before I saw - without a mirror - my true leader and alpha nature.

I don't mean to bring you all down, but I cannot read beyond a line about leadership because not only do I suspect that most writers and "coaches" are beta but also, I actually feel beta and tired when I even descend to attempt doing so.   

I believe most real leaders don't teach or even read what they write about this - like I don't like to do anything other than show my alpha self at best - just because -  while not descending into junk science like eugenics - leadership and the associated pickup artistry is an intrinsic quality that you are born into that makes you one, not taught. I have lots to say about the latter but I leave it to another time at the point where what makes you is more important to score.

Circumstances may lie to and rob you of your Divine Right to waste your time, but eventually they will be overwhelmed by their limitations and fall flat on their inherent anus faces by comparison -  wondrously crack like humpty dumpty and you will ascend with the Mandate of Heaven regardless.

I have to also reveal that you cannot actually teach servants and slaves to be masters. The proposal is ticklish, but it is unfeasible.