Tuesday, 2 June 2015

░▒▓█ The Old Dentured Servant Atop the Toothless Lion Has Fallen Low

We, the people of the world, have finally lived in value - to be conscious of the truth that the octogenarian* 的死不老 vampire-mayor vermin who had faithfully served Western interests for the majority of his life had finally been dragged by the famous ox-and-horse-headed hell 面马头牛  officials to his real home down below, which of course, is Gehenna, the Fire, hell.

"Now after all you have done
What you've been waiting for has finally come
All the sweet time you need to spend
Your eternal hell fund"

We have always heard and known that the coolie island he tried to take charge of has little to no room for creativity, freedom and graciousness from its garbage denizens, however little-known and much-ignored its true status in the world is by the cibai orang farang babi pundek or whatever. And now for the best part: economic opportunities have, nowadays, negatively excited the public and exacerbated his democratic happy party's beginning of the end.

After all, all that he had done, was nothing. Despite being the highest-paid vampire-mayor in the developing world who even used to shamelessly loudly defend his wage in public and in congress he and his as-expensive cabinet had all along, done nothing to justify their chronic waste of public funds on them first and foremost. To cut waste would be to honestly force their enrollment in concentration camps and when they have outlived their useless, have their head forced into glass panels or easily, be forced into group suicides with all implements self-paid or billed to their to-be-arrested-and-imprisoned families like how he before his dogs, faithfully followed the momentarily-victorious forces of Japanned as a distinguished interpreter. Among serial misdemeanors they couldn't even negotiate clean and normal water deals with the evil doctor of the north they despised as backward, established not one but two Western gambling dens and brought in foreign coolies that extraordinarily outnumbered the condemned citizens and parasiting residents which would be considered treasonous and trigger protests and bloody uprisings in other states.

Home coolies from true north may argue that to control a coolie island would give little no room for mistakes, but in terms of land mass and actual difficulty, what is ruling a spot compared to ruling a real country? What makes them think the same-as-everybody-else and slow method works let alone the best? So much for the unfortunate uniform sense of proportion of unintelligence they all hold a joint monopoly on, along with their mind-controlled brown-tongued slave dungs on the misbegotten island who claim to "love and miss him" despite being downgraded and controlled by the once-undying southeastern monster of glamis.

That creature of false reason and its richest pseudo-church ministers painted themselves almost all white except for their belts, water bottles and schoolbags under the scandalous and acrylic auspices of the notoriously lightning-bolted homosexual prostitution ring with colors that resembled both the white supremacist union jacarse and the white imperialist stars and strips wannabe follower, and tried hard they did as cults and cult leaders in consecutively deceiving and manipulating the animals by openly masquerading as angels - an arrogant, human act their dead and to-be-dead parents would never have dared - however old, ugly, stupid, worthless and disgusting they really looked with their ever-scheming sales pitches and baby-like squeals and rebuttals in the residential and even business districts I mean farms.

These animals, feigning humility, fearfully claimed they do not have a monopoly on wisdom, which only meant they don't, but they would through unethical, dishonest, immoral and unfair business and business-like practices running Coolie Island Inc.

An unsatisfying and disturbing fact - going back to the chieftain-wannabe again - was that it and its subordinates and their families had actually miraculously escaped being struck dead by really greased lighting and the great balls of fire through the years for some reason, that installed rather than instilled suspicions in the resistance over heaven's optical standard. But evil isn't durable, for ageing devilish virginal results partly-offered by the electorate had gone lower and are poised to continue pointing south while the feminine and obviously-dominated locals will continue registering their ever-increasing confusion and anger over more work and less feed in the farmlands. 

It has bowed obediently like a good housedog to Drug War** initiator Bittrain, Sweetzerland enriched through secret and ambiguous bank rules rather than mere chocolates and snow skiing facilitation, and even the Oriental Japanned during the Second World War and Angry Landowner Indieneetsia afterwards just so it could live together with the inherited island, though today it is slowly but surely approaching a grey and eye-opener death.

What it said way before its deserved demise to justified the spirit of trying is of little consequence, what is of consequence is whether its worldly arguments could convince the courts below to absolve it from painful punishment and damnation.

*Octogenarian means old and undying social parasites continuing to do harm to society

** Opium War twice started by England leading the Spectred Isles

Annex: The smooth and glowing transition of human-to-animal recognition coincides with the astounding rate of devolution that by far outstrips the normal pace of articulate reflection.