Saturday, 20 June 2015

░▒▓█ Taiwanese Prostitute

I had the mishap of trying to know one some time ago out of a friend's recommendation and after seeing what she and her hideous Japanned-blowing mama-san and foolish colleagues are in fleeting moments along with her gay breast doctor even I walked my way out.

She was a midget, looked like a boy and had Asian hair but the thing that struck me most was her - I don't know how to explain it - I guess at the time I wasn't thinking properly and I wanted company and fun time in this mode. But really, on thinking back I felt my intelligence and taste were compromised.

What happened was me trying to be entertained by her ideas and creative lies she admitted telling her friends and family to come into this industry to be unseeded - at that time I thought it was unique because I don't meet many, Asian girls in that capacity let alone honest ones - but the surprise at the negotiating table concerning the price of liberty for fighting trade protectionism she showed me later with those aligned parties was overwhelming.

During the sales pitch I came to, with her help, be disgusted by her real nature, her shameless true love affair with others getting dangerously into national debt, making good use of the rest when her attempts were as convincing as a fish in a dress, her always begging change with ulterior motives and her attempts to outmaneuver her clients feigning free agent status, that before the skies would overturn and I would actually require, anger management and mental reassembly and fiscal resuscitation I decided that this was enough and left the hell-hole forever.

Right after that episode was when I became more feeling: thinking of myself, and my mistake with a mistake. I thought considerably about my life, life, my priorities, those past chapters, and the world in general, and rather than blame my good friend I decided to look at the trade with greater skepticism than I used to when I was only unsure. He only wanted me to have fun. Oh well**.

My mother told me not to ever go deeper with prostitutes, but I guess I failed to listen to my disadvantage.

And that was my pre-alpha stage. That 'everyone has got to start somewhere' as it's often blabbered around, and my regret from that brief and bizarre encounter was: it did not happen earlier. 

"I was young,
Not dumb
Just wishing to be blinded"

Yes I guess I was. We dream of the best things - even on a limited basis - and we unknowingly get punished for it. For my issue of course, the Memorandum of Understanding is: these transgressors will have their progress walled and stalled forever and they will be overwhelmed by public institutions.

Addendum: Out of random boredom I typed her initials yesterday on a public computer and was surprised to see - among medical, street, coding and furniture results - her being still around, on a "self-inspired journey" to abandon isolationism and open up her true goodself up to the world on a scale that was never seen before. Her close colleagues in the trade I caught before the exit, being the unbelievably ugly and naive nerds that they are, distanced themselves from her along with a soul buddy she tried to use as a shield against life's problems.

Despite her self-acknowledged liberalisation of the industry that came much too late, nobody really seemed keen which was surprising for a self-proclaimed star prostitute, and she had become round and ballin'.

She got so ugly and fat - grotesque - that I thought like most hopeless and hopelessly fat people in America she could roll instead of walk and in terms of speed and velocity that naturally would be faster hahahaha!!!!

So much for the once-courted unholy alliance with an escapee from the renegade province to a faraway coolie island I visited after accepting my friend's invitation out of purely fearing ballistic retaliation from the Chinese mainland and leaving her brethren behind: not for her profession but for her panning green over her embattled and defective self in a willful error of judgment.

"Everything I ever lost
Now has been returned"

To be truthful, I don't actually know what I lost. But I know that eventually, anything that was lost due to anybody will be returned to me tenfold, and any taxes will be filed with consideration for the government.

** 'Oh well' makes the antonym of 'swell'.