Tuesday, 2 June 2015

░▒▓█ Grossly Overpowered Neo Geo Still Can't Beat the Primitive Nintendo

Offered by Clear and Present Taker (And User)

Actually the primitive 8-bit NES that eventually overcame petty corporate rules and official license limitations painstakingly-structured to allow the parent ex-poker company a controversial monopoly on overall profits from the magical 1980s with strong-as-oak third-party support all through to the 2000s outlasted the fiscally-overpowered AES with traditionally and obstinately low-sales games and some other games that failed to copy rivals and inspire public spending. Game operators showed them the money, but more importantly, their passion – in especially the more-familiar former that successfully-penetrated homes internationally through intensive though perverted private propaganda perpetuated at different economic levels.

It must be noted that like Street Fighter Samurai Shodown only appealed to a small segment of the gaming market – the larger segments are casual and impotent players going for soft and long-winded story plays and simple aeroplane stimulations for example – during the embarrassing ahegao-shotosperm prostitution rings and scandals and the other stupid gaming rules that began and covered the day in the 1990s for participants and pro pro pros*, and additionally the extremist focus on fighting games actually also hurt both notorious terrorist groups Crapcon and SiNK when the market was, in reality, more indifferent than terrified. King of Fighters with Nazi German bosses have a unique appeal only to the Third World communities that ironically feared and hated Hitler within and without Japanned where they for a non-sequitur, form the low-income social strata that truly desired playing the entire series for free.

For the NES, even in 2010 and beyond, is still being played by children in North Korea and other developing nations. I believe it is a silent-but-psychologically-reprogrammed People’s Choice that gives out hope for the overgrown children that are struggling adults nowadays for playing too much but more importantly, I wish I could play some party games and laugh with these kids and I believe non-outgoing state incumbent n’ democrat-for-life exclusive Ah Kim III would not disagree.

As a further disclaimer I am not a fan of any company but there are times you got to be objective.

* The shame continues today with these diehard novices in the recently-promoted Feckless Gone Cases from the then Flying Gonad Chews they and their sin justifiably enjoys some crippling and kneecapping lately due to corporate objection and then intervention in balancing the roster ostensibly for the good of all.

PS I am playing Rambo-copied Contra banned with beginning spread fire in sleepy Lichtenstein through an innovative multiple-game cartridge given to me by a good friend from Sierra Leone ten years ago.

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