Wednesday, 7 October 2015

░▒▓█ Chief of Army Submits Letter to the Editor in relation to an article by Recalcitrant Ian McPhedran (Behave or Else)

I didn't realise unethical and unscrupulous sham writers exist in oceania. If you dare tell China to behave, then you should learn to behave first. And in your own home.

To the Editor,

It was with the greatest disappointment and dismay that I read Ian McPhedran’s article in your newspaper this morning, releasing the name of our most recent combat fatality before official release by Defence and by his family. The Army and the Defence Force have well established protocols for the release of names and personal details in these circumstances; protocols with which your journalists are very familiar but have clearly chosen to ignore.  

The family in this instance, whose lives are currently consumed with their own grief, had asked Army to wait to release his details so that they could deal with this terrible loss in their way. You have robbed them of this right. Such actions are unconscionable and un-Australian. Our only concern is a desire to look after those of the grieving family of a courageous soldier. Their trust has been betrayed by the selfish act of a journalist intent on being ‘the first’.

D.L Morrison


Chief of Army

04 July 2012

It looks like you still haven't with your wretched self and silence.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

░▒▓█ Crisis Management

The unprecedented but still-insane downward-spiralling crash had many people, particularly the Japaneet-adoring coolies of the sing-a-pole, wondering, weeping, whelping, whining. The usual. These families of the dead were dead set on challenging the Amerikkkan finding and corresponding company efforts and were fiercely begging to reopen the case.

I grimaced as I dusted lint off my sleeve, real or imagined. I had to come down from my nice office, and disrupt my quiet, private Chinese Checkers session - minesweeper has gone vogue - with my cute college-undergraduate secretary for this?

Oh we knew the reason, and the dead pilot who caused this unnecessary media headline, but investigations revealed insufficient evidence and as officials we were advised by the seniors and the top brass in an emergency - but informal - meeting this morning not to admit or reveal anything other than reiterating condolences and payouts in the corporate statement, and for an extra ball, continuing to let the foreign investigators do their work and conclude on miscellaneous compensation.

It was unpleasant dealing with a large number of the victims er, the families of the victims. Not surprisingly, they were deaf to reason, they wanted money, they wanted more money, and they also seemed to want the dead to rise from the dead. These activists were screaming and protesting. Nothing is ever enough, for the state and the undying octogenerian 的死不老 that took such great pains to rear these ingrates and gave them their fortunes and made them what they are. I sounded like I am addressing the nation, but at least half from only the former is true.

So unlike the menial worker combines at the "local" level the westerners, koreans and japanese were more understanding and accepting of whatever handouts the company planned for them. The only surprising thing that I care about is: hardly any Chinese or Reunionese or Russians were unlucky or stupid enough to be on the flight, though a couple of frogs were. Smart. Rebels among them would be dealt later, but I maintain a view that they don't deserve to be on this confounded flight that turned many hopes and dreams into deaths and nightmares. Among the nameless corpses there was one mongrel coolie renegade who talked about looking at world glamour through stamp-studded eyes of voluntary callgirlship among her other actually shameless forms of wanting to undermine social dignity but probably her mortality statistic was a good thing. It was hard to feel sorry for a troll and an unwelcome upstart to human values especially when coolies as I was convinced needed hard and lifeless rule, and concentration camps to improve their concentration on serving the state.

Looking at the local demonstrators' anus faces - the reason why me and a couple of others had to come down from our ivory towers and burst our bubbles that actually harboured the nice things - made me sick and burn inside. They are the parvenues, the nouvelle riche, the barely-came-ups who still have a spot of excrement on each of their shoes no matter what they think they are. Worse, they are ugly, stupid, worthless, rude - the country's graciousness campaign thru-the-years was a profound waste of money - and they were screaming demands at us and the air in predictable descension like stray animals.

The press has already arrived of course, and a member of the political opposition also presented himself unannounced, that same questionable guy who is using this to harden his position as a saviour of the people shortly after being barred from the bench - no being barred from practising law for half-a-decade after being arrested for shoplifting in a convenience store during rush hour. The recovered items unbelievably were cigarettes and beer instead of peppermint and bread. As a lawyer he brought shame to his industry and never contributed to the well-being of society in any way. Anyway, have fun, and keep trying to get into parliament with your parlour acts you snake.

After we delivered the joint statement on behalf of the subsidiary airline - I personally believed less in it after the stunt and intended to sell all my stocks tomorrow - the opposition wannabe approached me during questions and answers. With reporters zooming in I let the "avenger" have a brief say about the need for "accountability", "transparency", a few other concepts I couldn't remember, as well as "justice for the victims". Trying not to laugh I also covered my slight yawn in the process, and when he was done I smiled and shook his hand, saying that we will work together and strive for the desired outcomes. With that the conference came to an end, but the coolies' howlings continued to my irritation.

I wanted to speak with my inspector friend I recognised among the police, who was busy overseeing the crowd with his subourdinates, so I walked over and just gave the poor chap a pat on the back and wished him the best. He acknowledged and said the same. Then I gave the junior and security officers an empathetic look wringing my wrists and they also shook their heads, grinning and in resignation.

We all knew what we were getting. Regardless nothing would change, and for us officials we are all hires surrendered to company policy so nobody wants to be martyrs and People's Representatives and change anything and make life difficult for anybody either. Hurray for outgrowing school!

With the corporate objective hampered - made into a nice-looking hamper for show - me and my colleagues left for the lift lobby, all totally indifferent, sleepy and trying to get back into state by discussing our plans for the weekend when I suddenly felt something purring in my pocket. It was my pussy cat.

Excusing myself with an imaginary wish to smoke I walked into the stairway and instead answered the call. The high schoolgirl told me her class has just ended, and she would arrive at the same place naked. Voicing no objections I gave her a kiss through the speaker as I walked a storey up. Just as I closed the door the lift arrived. Some fool had pressed for it and then gave up. One more hour of endurance test and I could leave the building.

So I got in and flashed the pin card and hit the button. Other games are waiting, the real millennium is coming, and life is beautiful.

The best low-sales game in its legacy. Only because of the user-unfriendly but cheap tkd goof made user-friendly and the narcissistic but useless nazi boss who worked hard to end the nestum story with his stupidity.

The coolie island's shameless copying of the glass-faced "Hundred Flowers Campaign", and its citizens no I mean denizens no I actually mean bowels being encouraged to spy on and report each other just like it was during the chaotic and disturbing times of the communist leader.

If people could learn to fly a long time ago then there would be no need for aeroplanes.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

░▒▓█ Donald Duck Disappoints in his Racist Campaign for President.

An afterthought on the anonymous twitter death threat to the American't twit after talking nonsense over the Mexican't drug lord's prison escape:

I think for a politician wannabe paleman Donald Duck is very stupid, getting himself needlessly into trouble talking rubbish on notorious drug dealers next door. He must be thinking other people are too far away or illiterate to know or care. Yeah right.

 From similar television shows and websites Americans really love trolling and doing this sort of thing to other people even when they are in legitimate professions thinking they are safe, so keep doing and even thinking like that and see what happens. You guys in "faraway" America are fearless and discriminating no discerning anyway. "We do whatever we feel is right. Burp."

Not saying that trade or act is right on the contrary, but DD for his age, experience and even social standing is just unbelievably insensitive and stupid. And he has so many stupid supporters. Stupid supporting the stupid.

You people are hopeless.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

░▒▓█ About Leadership

Actually I surprised myself that it took some time going through the imperfect world and its yapping human wannabes before I saw - without a mirror - my true leader and alpha nature.

I don't mean to bring you all down, but I cannot read beyond a line about leadership because not only do I suspect that most writers and "coaches" are beta but also, I actually feel beta and tired when I even descend to attempt doing so.   

I believe most real leaders don't teach or even read what they write about this - like I don't like to do anything other than show my alpha self at best - just because -  while not descending into junk science like eugenics - leadership and the associated pickup artistry is an intrinsic quality that you are born into that makes you one, not taught. I have lots to say about the latter but I leave it to another time at the point where what makes you is more important to score.

Circumstances may lie to and rob you of your Divine Right to waste your time, but eventually they will be overwhelmed by their limitations and fall flat on their inherent anus faces by comparison -  wondrously crack like humpty dumpty and you will ascend with the Mandate of Heaven regardless.

I have to also reveal that you cannot actually teach servants and slaves to be masters. The proposal is ticklish, but it is unfeasible.

AFFH is reality after TPP

My wishes have come true! I can't believe it, but I have to!

Even if American politics is an orchestrated circus, I am happy to see these two long-drafted policies come out of the shadow and into the limelight for the good news of the world!!!!


Obie scores!!!! Cibai pundek babi Ba Pau Gosar is defeated!!!!

Let's hope that after the TPP, the equally-coveted AFFH becomes the global standard including, of course, dogs-of-the-west like the faraway coolie island.

TPP is the Trans Pacific Partnership
AFFH is Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Saturday, 20 June 2015

░▒▓█ Taiwanese Prostitute

I had the mishap of trying to know one some time ago out of a friend's recommendation and after seeing what she and her hideous Japanned-blowing mama-san and foolish colleagues are in fleeting moments along with her gay breast doctor even I walked my way out.

She was a midget, looked like a boy and had Asian hair but the thing that struck me most was her - I don't know how to explain it - I guess at the time I wasn't thinking properly and I wanted company and fun time in this mode. But really, on thinking back I felt my intelligence and taste were compromised.

What happened was me trying to be entertained by her ideas and creative lies she admitted telling her friends and family to come into this industry to be unseeded - at that time I thought it was unique because I don't meet many, Asian girls in that capacity let alone honest ones - but the surprise at the negotiating table concerning the price of liberty for fighting trade protectionism she showed me later with those aligned parties was overwhelming.

During the sales pitch I came to, with her help, be disgusted by her real nature, her shameless true love affair with others getting dangerously into national debt, making good use of the rest when her attempts were as convincing as a fish in a dress, her always begging change with ulterior motives and her attempts to outmaneuver her clients feigning free agent status, that before the skies would overturn and I would actually require, anger management and mental reassembly and fiscal resuscitation I decided that this was enough and left the hell-hole forever.

Right after that episode was when I became more feeling: thinking of myself, and my mistake with a mistake. I thought considerably about my life, life, my priorities, those past chapters, and the world in general, and rather than blame my good friend I decided to look at the trade with greater skepticism than I used to when I was only unsure. He only wanted me to have fun. Oh well**.

My mother told me not to ever go deeper with prostitutes, but I guess I failed to listen to my disadvantage.

And that was my pre-alpha stage. That 'everyone has got to start somewhere' as it's often blabbered around, and my regret from that brief and bizarre encounter was: it did not happen earlier. 

"I was young,
Not dumb
Just wishing to be blinded"

Yes I guess I was. We dream of the best things - even on a limited basis - and we unknowingly get punished for it. For my issue of course, the Memorandum of Understanding is: these transgressors will have their progress walled and stalled forever and they will be overwhelmed by public institutions.

Addendum: Out of random boredom I typed her initials yesterday on a public computer and was surprised to see - among medical, street, coding and furniture results - her being still around, on a "self-inspired journey" to abandon isolationism and open up her true goodself up to the world on a scale that was never seen before. Her close colleagues in the trade I caught before the exit, being the unbelievably ugly and naive nerds that they are, distanced themselves from her along with a soul buddy she tried to use as a shield against life's problems.

Despite her self-acknowledged liberalisation of the industry that came much too late, nobody really seemed keen which was surprising for a self-proclaimed star prostitute, and she had become round and ballin'.

She got so ugly and fat - grotesque - that I thought like most hopeless and hopelessly fat people in America she could roll instead of walk and in terms of speed and velocity that naturally would be faster hahahaha!!!!

So much for the once-courted unholy alliance with an escapee from the renegade province to a faraway coolie island I visited after accepting my friend's invitation out of purely fearing ballistic retaliation from the Chinese mainland and leaving her brethren behind: not for her profession but for her panning green over her embattled and defective self in a willful error of judgment.

"Everything I ever lost
Now has been returned"

To be truthful, I don't actually know what I lost. But I know that eventually, anything that was lost due to anybody will be returned to me tenfold, and any taxes will be filed with consideration for the government.

** 'Oh well' makes the antonym of 'swell'.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

░▒▓█ AFFH and TPP

I want these passed no matter what it takes and costs, before or after.

These will also be the global standard starting from the coolie island, followed by those American dependencies in Asia and Oceania and then Europe and elsewhere.

PS Meddlesome orang farang babi cibai pundek Gosar needs to learn that unlike him, there are many people out there who are not overprivileged and who still live their lives despite being uncomfortable in their own backyard.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

░▒▓█ I am very proud of him

Obbie or Obie has done very well for America and I feel sad that he couldn't get a third term.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

░▒▓█ Kayraykaz the Insecure Pseudo-Cohesive and Eternal Moron

Wuss call. There was no disagreement but a quote I caught that I found stupid.

kayraykaz (croaks):
You can have opinions. It’s good to have something to believe in but once they start infringing on other people’s happiness or well being, keep them to yourself. So you don’t agree with someone else’s lifestyle? Well isn’t that great that you aren’t them. Life is too short to live an unhappy life to please someone else. If someone wants to transition to the other gender to finally feel like themselves and not being trapped in the wrong body, or someone falls in love with someone of the same gender, that isn’t your business. If it makes them happy and they aren’t hurting anyone, then let them be. Sick of seeing all these people who think their opinions matter and saying insensitive things that aren’t helping anyone. So you don’t support it, then you shouldn’t be talking about it. End of story. It’s 2015 guys and we need to start living in a united society instead of breaking everyone into groups by their sexuality, skin color, religion, and gender.
First of all, everyone has perspectives, and for the lower that makes for a convincing majority of consumers, opinions. If something is too controversial or unreal it should be spoken out against. Keeping your stupidity to yourself would make a good start.

As an Alpha Male I say that "gender bender" classification is something that isn't my cup of tea but I have hardly spoken against it. However, after hearing you yelp I now feel I should. Like gayhood and cross-dressing - call me conservative if you have to - it is WRONG. You, as a basic duty to yourself if not also society and ahem, Dear Gaia, accept your gender and your body that you are born into. Society doesn't need confusions and the misleading creatures, and people like you should keep yourselves hidden and unseen if this responsibility troubles you so much.

Since you beg for fame, and wealth and opportunities for it by going so public with your friends and all you could use then take everything that comes with that choice. People aren't going to please or serve you or even - as I wince in disgust - lead you to your dreams, for free. You dream.

My perspective would matter more than the rest because I am an Alpha Male, and I lead.
"To say the words he truly feels,
And not the words of one who kneels."

This is what a real man is!

Yes, this is me. Swallow it! And if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen! No that would be asking you to return to gender bender. Well take up more household servant lessons and improve yourself in your designated role! Who the hell are you to say that bad actors and bad acts shouldn't be spoken up against by anybody?

No it's not we, but you, who needS to live in a plastic world where your ugly, untalented, following and flawed nature be exposed and not criticised. This isn't heaven, this is the human world, so grow a pair, of good breasts if your stupid female depiction isn't a smokescreen - not testicles as that would be another invitation back to gender bender which is what twisted people like you think you should - and be responsible! No man is an island, and I mean especially you! You're so fat!!!!!!!!

PS Shiny naked girls rule! And no retarded footwear for them!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

░▒▓█ Grossly Overpowered Neo Geo Still Can't Beat the Primitive Nintendo

Offered by Clear and Present Taker (And User)

Actually the primitive 8-bit NES that eventually overcame petty corporate rules and official license limitations painstakingly-structured to allow the parent ex-poker company a controversial monopoly on overall profits from the magical 1980s with strong-as-oak third-party support all through to the 2000s outlasted the fiscally-overpowered AES with traditionally and obstinately low-sales games and some other games that failed to copy rivals and inspire public spending. Game operators showed them the money, but more importantly, their passion – in especially the more-familiar former that successfully-penetrated homes internationally through intensive though perverted private propaganda perpetuated at different economic levels.

It must be noted that like Street Fighter Samurai Shodown only appealed to a small segment of the gaming market – the larger segments are casual and impotent players going for soft and long-winded story plays and simple aeroplane stimulations for example – during the embarrassing ahegao-shotosperm prostitution rings and scandals and the other stupid gaming rules that began and covered the day in the 1990s for participants and pro pro pros*, and additionally the extremist focus on fighting games actually also hurt both notorious terrorist groups Crapcon and SiNK when the market was, in reality, more indifferent than terrified. King of Fighters with Nazi German bosses have a unique appeal only to the Third World communities that ironically feared and hated Hitler within and without Japanned where they for a non-sequitur, form the low-income social strata that truly desired playing the entire series for free.

For the NES, even in 2010 and beyond, is still being played by children in North Korea and other developing nations. I believe it is a silent-but-psychologically-reprogrammed People’s Choice that gives out hope for the overgrown children that are struggling adults nowadays for playing too much but more importantly, I wish I could play some party games and laugh with these kids and I believe non-outgoing state incumbent n’ democrat-for-life exclusive Ah Kim III would not disagree.

As a further disclaimer I am not a fan of any company but there are times you got to be objective.

* The shame continues today with these diehard novices in the recently-promoted Feckless Gone Cases from the then Flying Gonad Chews they and their sin justifiably enjoys some crippling and kneecapping lately due to corporate objection and then intervention in balancing the roster ostensibly for the good of all.

PS I am playing Rambo-copied Contra banned with beginning spread fire in sleepy Lichtenstein through an innovative multiple-game cartridge given to me by a good friend from Sierra Leone ten years ago.

░▒▓█ The Old Dentured Servant Atop the Toothless Lion Has Fallen Low

We, the people of the world, have finally lived in value - to be conscious of the truth that the octogenarian* 的死不老 vampire-mayor vermin who had faithfully served Western interests for the majority of his life had finally been dragged by the famous ox-and-horse-headed hell 面马头牛  officials to his real home down below, which of course, is Gehenna, the Fire, hell.

"Now after all you have done
What you've been waiting for has finally come
All the sweet time you need to spend
Your eternal hell fund"

We have always heard and known that the coolie island he tried to take charge of has little to no room for creativity, freedom and graciousness from its garbage denizens, however little-known and much-ignored its true status in the world is by the cibai orang farang babi pundek or whatever. And now for the best part: economic opportunities have, nowadays, negatively excited the public and exacerbated his democratic happy party's beginning of the end.

After all, all that he had done, was nothing. Despite being the highest-paid vampire-mayor in the developing world who even used to shamelessly loudly defend his wage in public and in congress he and his as-expensive cabinet had all along, done nothing to justify their chronic waste of public funds on them first and foremost. To cut waste would be to honestly force their enrollment in concentration camps and when they have outlived their useless, have their head forced into glass panels or easily, be forced into group suicides with all implements self-paid or billed to their to-be-arrested-and-imprisoned families like how he before his dogs, faithfully followed the momentarily-victorious forces of Japanned as a distinguished interpreter. Among serial misdemeanors they couldn't even negotiate clean and normal water deals with the evil doctor of the north they despised as backward, established not one but two Western gambling dens and brought in foreign coolies that extraordinarily outnumbered the condemned citizens and parasiting residents which would be considered treasonous and trigger protests and bloody uprisings in other states.

Home coolies from true north may argue that to control a coolie island would give little no room for mistakes, but in terms of land mass and actual difficulty, what is ruling a spot compared to ruling a real country? What makes them think the same-as-everybody-else and slow method works let alone the best? So much for the unfortunate uniform sense of proportion of unintelligence they all hold a joint monopoly on, along with their mind-controlled brown-tongued slave dungs on the misbegotten island who claim to "love and miss him" despite being downgraded and controlled by the once-undying southeastern monster of glamis.

That creature of false reason and its richest pseudo-church ministers painted themselves almost all white except for their belts, water bottles and schoolbags under the scandalous and acrylic auspices of the notoriously lightning-bolted homosexual prostitution ring with colors that resembled both the white supremacist union jacarse and the white imperialist stars and strips wannabe follower, and tried hard they did as cults and cult leaders in consecutively deceiving and manipulating the animals by openly masquerading as angels - an arrogant, human act their dead and to-be-dead parents would never have dared - however old, ugly, stupid, worthless and disgusting they really looked with their ever-scheming sales pitches and baby-like squeals and rebuttals in the residential and even business districts I mean farms.

These animals, feigning humility, fearfully claimed they do not have a monopoly on wisdom, which only meant they don't, but they would through unethical, dishonest, immoral and unfair business and business-like practices running Coolie Island Inc.

An unsatisfying and disturbing fact - going back to the chieftain-wannabe again - was that it and its subordinates and their families had actually miraculously escaped being struck dead by really greased lighting and the great balls of fire through the years for some reason, that installed rather than instilled suspicions in the resistance over heaven's optical standard. But evil isn't durable, for ageing devilish virginal results partly-offered by the electorate had gone lower and are poised to continue pointing south while the feminine and obviously-dominated locals will continue registering their ever-increasing confusion and anger over more work and less feed in the farmlands. 

It has bowed obediently like a good housedog to Drug War** initiator Bittrain, Sweetzerland enriched through secret and ambiguous bank rules rather than mere chocolates and snow skiing facilitation, and even the Oriental Japanned during the Second World War and Angry Landowner Indieneetsia afterwards just so it could live together with the inherited island, though today it is slowly but surely approaching a grey and eye-opener death.

What it said way before its deserved demise to justified the spirit of trying is of little consequence, what is of consequence is whether its worldly arguments could convince the courts below to absolve it from painful punishment and damnation.

*Octogenarian means old and undying social parasites continuing to do harm to society

** Opium War twice started by England leading the Spectred Isles

Annex: The smooth and glowing transition of human-to-animal recognition coincides with the astounding rate of devolution that by far outstrips the normal pace of articulate reflection.