Monday, 27 October 2014

░▒▓█ 'No purchase until changes implemented,' says lepakking

Controversial self-based power player lepakking made the statement yesterday regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV's release for the personal computer. With the various problems previously covered by social media he was reportedly displeased, yet non-commital when quizzed about the "latest" Street Fighter game for public consumption.

"I am very disappointed with the level of dedication they have for the personal computer (PC) community," he revealed, coolly flipping his plate from the table into smithereens. "We are paying for it, we are not asking for what you American'ts call 'freebies'. Nice of you to articulate that properly. I want to say that we have dignity, and so I strongly feel we do not deserve to be treated in this manner."

Earlier on, some small-time fearmongering nosey-parkers took a picture of Microsoft's*** hastily removed update announcement for the notorious Games for Windows Live (GFWL) and with the assistance of several journeymen pen-pushers and bloggers who were under personal illusions that they were a deal also in social media and above even traditional media they all made a serial-like racket about it online tandem causing fear, unnecessary speculations and understandably, the weak both in mind and of course, skill, to collectively dump the GFWL version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 - a really long name to please the empty-headed non-socially-contributing ageing competitors for their money - for Steam** that Crap Con had announced the switch shortly after.

A myriad of problems and bugs concerning how the game ran was reported, and when the supposed deadline for suspected service termination was up Microsoft announced that it was going to continue supporting the service. Unfortunately, Crap Con afterwards insisted on the, haha, shift of paradigm - a pun on humbly-educated Japanese usage of English - that caused more of the same to be the case for Ultra Street Fighter IV. It was astounding considering how the personal computer release was pushed months beyond that for the obsolete kiddie consoles Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox360, that despite the extra time they were still incapable of getting it right.

"Now I hear they are working to address the issues their decisions and negligence have created," he explained. "The Omega version they offered just days ago for starters, is actually a rehash of the unofficial Rainbow Edition for the then-world-taking Street Fighter II, that naturally until today, isn't really for everyone.

"We have to respect the impotent hahaha! Nature's consolation brought them their Role Playing Games (RPGs) and their flash and aeroplane and other games bla bla blah! So we got to accept that. And while it (the Omega version) is less crazy than what many of us played in the so-called good old days the other thing about it that I like - especially for all the troubles borne by us that are none of our fault except to buy the game - is the fact that it is cost-effective.

"Of course the delinquents of that day as a fact tidbit mostly used Ken* which already totally demonstrated their unnoticeable value and use to the world, but that annoyance aside I want to stress that there would be no purchase from me until they are successfully implemented.

"To make a concession I don't seriously doubt their efforts, but primarily I want to see the problems fixed as in - no more complaints from the community - and then the Omega version that should compensate and could therefore be more properly enjoyed before I make the buy."

And the meeting was concluded when he showed us a picture he just finished drawing of a white-coloured pig with nerdy glasses sucking a goat's penis while taking another in its rear. The initials under the pig were "D.m".

When asked what that meant, lepakking casually replied, "This is our, ahem our, Blowjob Boy David "Nipplefuck" medina, using his mother's last name hence the small 'm'. America's Most Unwanted, a pure bastard anus face from the basket - which is gay as it is except his mother doesn't get the truth yet - as well as a failed troll, sexist and racist and ultimately, the most useless piece of dung I have ever seen. Speaking of dung I have to clean my eyes later as they are meant to look at better things from the realm of humans, and obviously, gods. I suggest you guys do the same and I hope the damage to your end - not meaning anything negative - was minimal."

*Cheap bastard American mongrel Ken and unbelievably, his less-polluted-looking-and-more-one-dimensional compatriot Guile were, by staff design - other than succeeding the earlier as-less-filth-ridden submission that was Captain Commando - were much more powerful than his other cheap bastard half Japan Ryu in their World Warrior debut, and even in the overclocked pirate mode of a revamp-cum-pseudo-sequel called Champion Rainbow Edition cheap Ken triumphs cheap Ryu again in terms of baby operations  - both in terms of character controlling and discharging a progeny impure or otherwise.

**Nothing suggestive or intelligent in the given term

***For the girls the name is self-explanatory