Monday, 6 October 2014

░▒▓█ Capcom Wants 2 Million Sales For a Game to Consider a Sequel

Yoshi Yosh in his revelations on Crap Con's true company policy is humble about market response and performance against his company's products, but he would maybe fall into the game over career zone if the sales didn't hit the mark continuously.

People saying 'good' on the streets and even on board meetings about what you are aiming at in the money world is something nice, but I strongly uphold the practical perspective that it is only meaningful if it would to the desired outcome for example, sales or it is just carbon dioxide admission and emission.

For example, I have a salesman acquaintance who came up with what he felt to be a brilliant business plan - I helped him with the aesthetics including language the automatic updater said he spoke to a lot of people and everyone virtually praised the idea - he got lines like "Good", "You're very good", "I've never seen something like this before" for openers but in the end he failed to utter any venture partner when I asked him further, and the dude's great vision and extraordinary plan towards financial supremacy and full debt repayment while systematically conning others along the way soon went to coal dust.

I knew it when his mother told me everything was just as it was and that he continued drinking nightly with the two other, yeah, overaged beta male overachievers I have no pride in the slightest association with. A really-pathetic collection of fallen dominoes.

That aside, there are sometimes when something doesn't pan out as desired I would blame myself - not just for appearance but also at heart. I would blame the team too, together with even the chairman and the shareholders, but I would also blame myself. And personally, I would take it that the market in its failure to show appreciation is reactionary and so in my response I would drop the venture entirely with total force on its unforgivable anus face.