Monday, 2 June 2014

░▒▓█ Stupidest News Caption Ever

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is expected to have a more low-key visit after he angered Chinese authorities with "Seven Years in Tibet," which led to the star being banned from the country.

So how could Brad even make a low-key visit to China when he is banned? Either he enters the country as any visitor would after being forgiven, or he can't. Not doesn't. 

Or he could enter the country as an illegal immigrant, which defines the non-existent meaning of "low-key".

And Angelina doesn't have the clout or sway with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to get him with her to appear in China as well so what gives?

News outlets are nowadays trying too hard to make news while suspending intelligence and common sense at the same time. Newspapers are becoming movies.