Tuesday, 10 June 2014

░▒▓█ "'Men Descending into Madness' in Metal Gear Solid Victory were Actually Me," Says Hide-O Kojimama

Hide-O "Jim" Komimi, having made his latest round of shocking self-accusations at the Extremely Electronically Exaggerated show at the Bay of Pigs Area while provocatively putting out the infamous and hyper-potent 'v' sign that all Japanese high school and elderly girls after Win Ston Church Hill (who fathered mentally-winning Charlie Spleen) creatively and uniformly utilise is actually, on all accounts, the only-human reflection of what has gone awry in polite extremist carpet-sweeping Japanese society together with the now-bludgeoned economy non-cynically aiding its course. Other than having a sunny face that inspires fear, vomitation and procrastination in the red room he believed in the domesticated maxim "otaku dakara" when in fact he is actually "baka dakara". Keep the strut!

Using some lubricating oil he actually schemed to make another polished metal gear bot where one-eyed snake is now a shrivelled but respected octogenarian who still sneaks off once in a while to play in the jungle citing the need for engaging in some old-fashioned tactical espionage action against terrorists, hydroponics, free-market espousers as well as debt deniers – despite being repeatedly told by government agencies and praefectural physicians alike that he was "too honourable to present himself on the field" and that he should instead “take better care of his health”, “master gardening” and “listen to his mother”.

To be frank I dropped Hamlet, played and partied hard and ultimately obtained my hard-earned expulsion from school just to study Metal Gear because I find tailoring an interesting and more cerebral discipline than Literature. One man, his thoughts, his helicopter vision so corrupted by the world where black and white are no longer so distinguishable... and how he caved in so easily and mentally and fought his god-given right to heal.