Friday, 2 May 2014

░▒▓█ Why do these gaming eunuchs hate the sun?

After hangover recovery I was just going through the views on the pages of my glorious and vainglorious being when I saw a search phrase result tributary typed by those useless anus-faced ghetto eunuchs from America bing search pictured that tried making me laugh: "seventhsun" + "pussy" + "sun" + "youtube".

Pfft! They are your typical worthless failures that have no talent in anything, can't walk properly like the weak, and the worthless impotent dungs they are, probably hate the sun even more than their wretched selves and their, hahaha, dominatrix mothers but more significantly, you know, they also can't beat anyone from Asia or even Europe let alone play the computer on Street Fighter and ever seeing the finish line on Monkey - and do all of these on the ordinary keyboard! Getting a perfect round? Nah this is already a tall order and it can't already be met by their merely untalented and insignificant beings and calibre. They might lose their minds so hush!

I sometimes like matching bad jokes from laughably-worthless American eunuchs (I admit I laugh at them more than what they type) with their realities, and as a side that would also include notorious gay garbage like Nintega "Blowjob Boy" Dave. Swat them like flies? Put on knuckle-dusters? Kill a bunch of them for the generational good of everyone? Interesting and beautiful political ideologies that apply to all ethnic groups without discrimination, but in any case those problems should simply be culled, and in the process told by official and corporate forces that it is good for them.

The diseased betas add to the views (it's not like I need them or THEM or anything but still) and, an alpha male like me, wins it all. And no, I really don't like ghetto dumps and those ricey parasites and opaque ghosts (that pretty much make the despised flying gonad chews) promoting especially covert racism and then talking about Jap games and Jap fighting games. I am happy that Kotakuku is good in maintaining 90% silence on the least-understood category while the gay, women-dominated male vagina beggars-trying-to-be-masters at eventhubbies are ad-spamming and even creating news of it out from nothing when they couldn't even survive round 1 to save their pathetic lives.

The sun will overrule these ugly cockroaches and lower forms of life!!!