Friday, 30 May 2014

░▒▓█ Candy Crush Saga's Q1 2014 Profits Crush Nintendo

As the leading Mayor of this Diabetes Temptation Land C12H22O11 this is what I do. 

Dad's right for introducing me to a better-selling game. It's not my favourite, but it sure beats playing those current Nintendo monstrosities.

Mario driving a Mercedes as opposed to the Volkswagen is a dream!

Candy Crush Saga in Q1 2014 has managed to make more money than all of Nintendo's software during the duration of the past fiscal year.

Things haven't been going well for Nintendo recently. While the 3DS has been selling well, the Wii U has continued with its habit of missing sales goals by wide margins and costing the company millions of dollars (like 465) in the process. Adding insult to injury, it's been revealed that Nintendo's profit margins may be facing some competition of the candy kind.

We're talking, of course, about Candy Crush Saga which, according to recent figures, earned more money on its own than all of Nintendo during the entirety of Q1 2014. The difference gulf between the two wasn't a small one either. Whereas Nintendo ended the fiscal year reporting a $455.3 million loss, Candy Crush Saga's developers at King earned a reported $641 million in profit, two-thirds of which has been attributed to the popular puzzle game.

Granted, comparing King and Nintendo is, in many ways, unfair. King isn't beholden to selling hardware the same way that Nintendo is. Likewise, while Nintendo is in-arguably in a rough spot right now, you could probably make a strong case for Big N's stable of long running franchises being more valuable in the long run than Candy Crush Saga which, in all likelihood, will probably be supplanted by some other super-addictive gaming phenomenon down the road. That said, it's hard not to look at information like this and not feel at least some mild shock at how badly things have been going for Nintendo lately.

When this company plan succeeds it looks smart because there are no hardware pairing considerations as the blasted mobiles and computers are effectively taken care of by hewlett, dell, samsung, apple, lg, sony, htc et cetera AND THEIR BUYERS, no related inventory storage space taking up precious resources and it seems to be even more profitable and moral than those casinos while not taking away that much money, tears and lives per person for it caters to people of all incomes, ages and statuses. And for free. Cheapskates rejoice! Yes!

Signs of Nintendo Going Down:
- It discontinued production of the Wii IN JAPAN just after a few years - a first in its entire history.
- It allows its latest installment in the Smash series to be an entree for nonsensical tourneys like evo DESPITE the cardinal idea of it being non-competitive and all fun.
- It NOW promotes a controller from an OBSOLETE system for it when they have never done such a thing before or cared about fighting games.
- It signed a deal with Mercedes to let Mario drive its latest model as a downloadable vehicle in Mario Kart 8.
- This is the SECOND pursuit of the ogreish Let's Play people for making money off playing and commenting on their titles badly to split viewer revenue where most other international companies don't, making them Let's Pray (together with the as-despised Feckless Gone Cases) for their survival nowadays.