Thursday, 23 January 2014

░▒▓█ I'm so happy!

Dad told me I look really good in purple, and that many people don't usually look good in it, including himself unfortunately. For a long time I avoided that because, like pink, I thought that was worn by gays. I hardly saw anybody wear it on the streets too. Even though much later a retail assistant told me it was actually another shade they go for when I got the other clothes and chatted with him but I still viewed it with suspicion.

So it means they don't look good in it too and, you know, I only take pink when I play Dan in Street Fighter, as a tribute to the original colour - as I would with all other characters - and I also had the idea - before Dad told me to my aghast about it being a gay preference also - that this generally-feminine colour was also worn by some straight guys trying to look unique or something, not that I've ever done it myself. Quoting a Chinese idiom, he emphasised that the darkest shade of red is actually purple, and it comes with a royal bearing.

Okay I confess I don't really have the habit of observing people but I noted, or rather, I learned from some standard tin-foil Illuminati hat bearers in a past curiosity that Seinfeld often dons the colour on the set of his famous nothing comedy, using this powerful colour to - ahem, this is really embarrassing - conjure magic rituals to telepathically-control the audience from their favourite brainwashing idiot boxes called televisions.

So saying, I should treat myself even better than what I've always tried from now on.

It will make the love game even easier than it is too how silly of me.