Friday, 17 January 2014

░▒▓█ I am grateful

that my favored government in the sunny failed state in the Great Eastern of toenail proportions has been coming up with very sound policies recently (they still got it!) that apparently prioritized the economic ends over the importance or even happiness of these vulgar, ill-bred and anus-faced animal pawns - from the stupid good-for-nothing children and schoolkids to the forever-discontented working middling dung variety and then to the rancid and angst-ridden octogenarian antiques - that invariably of course, are nothing more than a cycle of profound garbage.

What touched me was my understanding that their prized government has been doing this for decades and centuries - where, once upon a time, after it had briefly and painstakingly labored to establish a passable foundation of the infrastructure upon national self-determination from outgunned European emporium executives followed by the bold expulsion from the domestic union the founders and officials then began a proud march of progress by systematically scolding, controlling, limiting and wrecking the spirit of the naturally-worthless electorate while crawling eagerly in an orderly manner towards foreign investors, business communities and their money that later formed a good-enough reason of even their existence. So from the goodwill and fiscal harvest they have gained from home and abroad they turned around and successfully attempted in using an inordinate amount of money and the accompanying time and effort in serial congressional hearings to buy supercomputers, quality canes and non-superficial technology to keep an obedient worker culture society in check, creatively passing more draconian legislation particularly regarding taxation and criminal punishment to make the wheel sturdier, and diligently headhunting and hiring the required manpower and the most basic kneeling personnel to hold the cabinets together and continue the game - precious resources that they ironically helped themselves from this repugnant pool of low and barbaric coolie descents in the first place.

This cutely-psychopathic response of avenging upon the laborious mob beasts (spanking girls for deeds and misdeeds as I've often reminded the street is always an ambiguous affair simply because it makes me sad when they cry when they are being rewarded and they laugh when they are being punished) by my unofficial representatives (I didn't even need to join their inner council to elect them) right after serving them for their reward is always funny no matter how many ways and times I see it, even though I maintain no understanding on the quizzical outer aspect of the grand paradox. These empowered servant-masters continue to my delight by passing further objective-based Gross domestic product and related statistical impression directives without the traditionally-dentured opposition (that they sincerely but shyly flourished from the very beginning without full admission of responsibility unlike most of the accountable terrorists we learned from the tabloids to frown upon just so they could effectively deflect unnecessary career distractions) or real concern towards their feelings if any should remain after their ongoing auxiliary impositions of universality I also mean uniformity.

It deserves applause that nowadays, even despite media-reported and common knowledge of flailing farm and factory support from the ground these self-believed sheppards are still insistent on their right of way and their enigmatic habit of conjuring more of these wonderful measures for the helpless but evil bastard creatures that are ascribed quite rightfully liabilities (a term more majestic than 'peons' though the former leads to the latter) in question without my or their asking and an ovation for these ostensibly-civilized servants and their successors have never formally requested an administrative fee from me for their kind and hard work, all of which I owe it to myself to say 'thank you' to them. Without showing my ass in the same direction tandem like my once-crass younger brother Benimaru. Nah.

I only hope that the humans from those filthy animals in the mistaken state grouping would find decent opportunities towards happiness. But the excremental defects that outdo humans 8:1 that I have factually described beforehand must - may I reiterate - still be used hard in this turbo capitalist social-economic engineering on the mere basis of material principle even after hell finally freezes over. As a respecter of governments regardless my only complaint is they could use better live expendables for this single-minded goal but because resources moving or not often disappoint real and imagined desires so we sometimes have to make do with what we could use.

Other than the lower and unimpressive fiscal and technological scale of the East and the cash-for-beliefs system of the ever-rising godless and black goat-submissive West I also have a wanton trending interest in failed states in that and other regions of the world - simply because I think they are primitive, fun, clumsy, full of lulz (my bad Luis), their governments like their parents have done the best job they know how to do (if only they knew), their ugly, stupid and illiterate children are as-inferior, worthless and they live against civilization in their every wretched breath but most significantly, the struggle (against pluralism, poverty, social inequalities or whatever) never ends, which they starkly show what life is really about.