Monday, 11 November 2013

░▒▓█ Tough Cookie Meets Cookie Cutter

Nah it's not the heavenly instrument of Venus aiding in the craft of beautiful and wonderful things - rather it's simply a real life equipment that's used to cut the hardest biscuits - literal and figurative - after triumphing over their ultimate brittleness. The handler being nobody noticeable but Real Life itself.

Not this or our developing-loop Blowjob Boy or his dumping dad you idiot. This pig that always makes me laugh whenever I see this picture is my good friend, but he is at best, Real Life's accomplice or at worst, just a part of it.

This my fellow humans, is Real Life for so many of you. Doubtlessly a familiar face. Hell it's pointless to say 'Wish You Were Here' but procedure must after all, still take precedent.

So I happened to be in the south when the Asian Cup debacle happened. Yoshi Yosh was there with his mythical Ma-de-In-Japan plastic Blanka doll that he sleeps every lonely night with and a potty but barely legal local Sakura cosplayer appealed to watchers online to go there as after the contest the gaming cafeteria in the same name that was founded by this year's world tournament champion and his "I don't know" commentator friend would close its shutters for good. Many of their own players were understandably saddened and from what I've periodically gathered a laptop theft occurred and the crazy evil pig was never found, a smart-aleck Serious Business player who never finished in any place in any of the stupid tourneys complained bitterly of rock-paper-scissors type opponents and another sentimental player decided to line Kinder Bueno chocolates on the table for the last day as "dinner" if not the last supper. And the billion-dollar-question as to why it has to cease operations: the accumulative US$4000 per month rental that even hardcore goers in all their quantitative glory could not help meet.

Needless to add this was mentioned in a sham gaming news bait site too. I found some interesting quotes which I am sharing with everyone below:

Disgruntled player Jayson619 said on November 10, 2013 at 6:03 p.m -
"Our Singapore government doesn't support pro-gaming; total crap! And if this comment gets removed for being offensive then I dunno what's going on for Singapore gaming anymore."

This may be true as my disciple had reported to me that Singaporean society does not support people in these activities - including bike stunts for he himself is an old hand - even if I noticed some people laughably fancying themselves as "elites" in them, instead placing an emphasis on studying hard and getting a job.

Just like everyone else. These digital National Treasures. (国)

Their elected ministers from have often in the past lashed out at them and the others as a whole for the national good and, assuming their leverage over them that the political dialogues perfectly described as the unthinking mob is like it was in the good old days if they were to say something about them it would surely again be provoking for most other sane people that are surprisingly humans. Bashing or tormenting these unemotional creatures is like beating up robots for they cannot feel anything and in the long term the pleasure becomes unsatisfying for the thrill-seeker.


People's Champion xianmsg said on November 10, 2013 at 6:13 p.m -
"Dear jayson the singapore government has done nothing wrong and have bigger things to worry about and take care of." His comment had the Mandate of Heaven in the form of multiple mortal likes.

This is what I respect about the People's Champion and Founder, where despite his apparent trial at damage control which is necessary in their environment that has always been unfavourable for political dissent he does appear to be a sensible young man who had not only put on weight (ie eat some more) but also, revealed that he can't be a pro pro pros in Street Fighter forever, which means he has to do something else with himself in his life. He knows that the mainstream that is as dumb as ever (hahaha) is not going to worship him like a god, he would hardly experience any handshake from the irreproachably-supreme leaders of his beloved nation, and he may have to rely on external individual effort to become an instant pickup success that is but mutually-exclusive to his competitive fighting gaming achievement. He did proud for his island-city, but it did not declare his birthday a public holiday for his video game pinnacle.

Like I have said just now and before, I do have a disciple in two established gaming legacies and he came forward to identify himself in such a capacity willingly and humbly even when I wasn't really in the mood for scouting anybody. I told him that Malaysia is also not very different and as we furthered with drawing the parallels we jointly concluded that Asia is just so conservative all and all unlike Japan where the people are polite, trendy and wacky. Yes it is the most Westernised and advanced of all Asian nations, and despite the wartime atrocity denials among other national mistakes the Japanese that benefited from Chinese and German influence nonetheless have a strict rigour for appearance and cultural etiquette and preservation as opposed to heart that I do appreciate to an extent.

So now that it is over I reveal that I have not even seen the place from its first day, even though I have in the years occasionally visited Parklane and its arcades. It is unfortunately populated with lots of loud and rude youth never mind their disgusting anus faces by default of their births, and recently, years after the last-standing arcade there closed down I still see older Indians (not the redskins) excitedly playing Counter Strike in those Local Area Network (LAN) gaming centers.

Great minds think alike. Money makes a difference as to whether you can enjoy the finer things in gaming life, or not. As you can see these terrorists and counter-terrorists are quietly looking for a way to strike it rich just so they can ALL get out of this blatantly non-life-changing and non-cerebral game.

Anyway the new abbreviation "fgc" (fighting game community) from what is inconceivable to those who are living and breathing with evidence of brains is scandalous and immature internationally, and I think golf looks more like a sport than video games where at least the participants OFTEN WALK to where they putt their shots unlike these incredibly-fat "fighters" sitting comfortably in a desk job position for hours pushing buttons. There used to be as many fat golfers but Tiger (not Sagat) Woods was a positively slim influence on the scene.

No two tigers can live on the same hill.

So saying this is just a game, but people just have this propensity in their idleness to make too much out of it, now going into the plain-water-drinking excitements of "frame data", tournament justifications of their laughable, unrecognized and fragile egos along with those other ignorable nerdy jargon and new balance talks. Lots of hot air and emotional exchanges. Just take it offline, with a cheer for the speaker!

Contrary to popular myth there was only one big miserable tough cookie in the entirety of the cookie jar and Corporate Pig only, showed it liberty to test with our good friend Real Life's cookie cutter. I reiterate that my funny human piggy friend did NOT get caught with his hand in the cookie jar despite being slow and fat and a pork barrel of laughs! 

It is regrettable that they closed down even after their stall was announced as a location test for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV. That's letting their prized community down to the maximum, and the operators naturally owe an explanation to them for this state of development, helpless as they may be.