Friday, 29 November 2013

░▒▓█ My Heartfelt Alpha Advice to an Asian Joan of Arc Cosplayer

After hearing of little tigeress you whining about your hurt that became breaking news since your spectacular but disturbing roaring in the last People's Elections years ago - a splendid piece of action but it expectedly failed to win the tide over the state-enforced "angelic" incumbents - an alpha male like me can't help having but a few things to say.

You are judged more by what you do in the spotlight which is not irritating but natural, for competent professionals exist by the number and there's nothing really outstanding about it. If I wanted to date you then maybe I'll explore your duality, but you're not that hot from what I've seen of you actually so it's hard for me to inspire any interest or motivation to do so. Yeah speaking of generality juvenile women like to think of men as unworthy if they don't make the effort to go after them, but in reality they should look at themselves and their value first to justify this expense of time, like mine for example. In short: give me a good reason for this scenario. If they are impotent of getting hints and self-evaluate, then of course the bitter-medicine truth should be told and shared with them for their own good in a not-for-profit exercise. It's that simple.

You complain about meeting the common people in their humble government housing projects and having to say the same things like reading right off a script and being on brain-dead mode, but isn't this what sales is about? Catering to the entire market including the lower and lowest common denominators? Is this your first day on the job? You're probably too idealistic (immature) to take it up, and winning the People's Great and Eternal Love as a rebel against the perceived dutiful forces of darkness is much more work than you think. You're an interest-generating new face on the block but you really need patience and open-mindedness among other things. You've forgotten your most basic genetic need to serve which makes you look too feministic and unladylike. Shame on you.

You gave support for a suspicious candidate to sit in the ever-Holy atheist Palace without first gathering your instinct and facts about him and his party and now you complain about it. You are after all, a tired-but-true example of the typical brainless liberal islander but since he failed to take up residence much less enjoy the interior trappings then you shouldn't regret it so much.

You rail against having to look good on demand every time from your chosen station in your life, and from your grumble about not having the full technical expertise or at least surface knowledge of it in numerous press conferences you were required to attend and do the show-and-tell as part of your vocation it just shows that while you may be a good worker but you are hardly charismatic nor are you a good or convincing speaker. 'Artifice' may be a soft-landing alternative to 'novice', but under all circumstances you should still be strong and push on. This is how legends are made.  

You mentioned those death and even rape threats sent to you from those useless exploitable rear-admirers of the politically-confirmed... I'm not saying you shouldn't be concerned at all but seriously, how could you be overly worried about those worthless, ugly and expendable automatons who just yak like stupid animals and whose forgettable existence don't matter to anybody? That southern decay you're in happens to be a Confucian-led society persisting in this modern day and for a female rebel to come forth all of a sudden and unannounced she should be open to all possible outcomes, and take measures to protect herself instead of just complaining all day long. You refused to bring the pre-puberty rear-kissing offenders to the police for reasons of political positioning, personal compassion or whatever, but you should still protect yourself if they go overboard.

Anyhow you should honestly spend this period of time rethinking your priorities in life. Priority versus ability. The political arena isn't a fun place to be - nobody proclaimed otherwise - and there is a reason as to why a certain age is required for some related positions in many countries. You have to know after a series of tests whether you are meant for it or not. All the best to you and your family, and take care. Of yourself and them.

Systems override individuals.