Friday, 1 November 2013

░▒▓█ I told him not to jump

Come on now. Nobody would give a flying penetration but you're so fat, and imagine what kind of a social impact you would make when you land hard on reality. It'd be a big crater, the traffic would be disrupted, the town council must spend taxpayers' money to allay the citizens, dig your broken bloody self out and repair AND CLEAN the roads, and, you know, the valuation of the property you took a concrete dive upon would fall like you do in value hurting homemakers and investors alike, causing them worry, fear and stress. Can you learn to bring some happiness to others?

Stop being selfish even in your abnormal last moment of your worthless occupation of life. Everyone knows you're a closet cocksucker Davie so what does it matter? You won't be martyred, even though I admit many people would rejoice and party and strengthen their alliances even when you've rightly taken your pain and retribution to hell that is your long-awaited comfortable home the demons have prepared nicely and kindly for you. This euphoria that you selfishly denied them is not to the extent of celebrating the death of a despot if that's what you're hoping for, so be realistic.

It's better to let your own mother strangle you live to death in her basement instead. You are destined to suffer for your own actions whether you feel anything or not, and you have no one to hate but yourself for everything that has happened. A follower and a beta trying to be a leader and alpha and being ignored and mocked by others after putting you on the backbench for also being a bad joke. What a piece of garbage work you are.

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