Monday, 1 July 2013

░▒▓█ Walking the Streets of Rage

I remember playing it with a classmate at his place on weekends. And in our casual experience then we thought Mania really meant crazy.

Then years later I bought the Sega Mega Drive II from Thailand and the game, and got him over this time to play. I showed him the way, and later as he moved on I retained my love and loyalty for it and began using someone other than Axel.

Although I'm not sure of her last name Fielding as real but I've always liked Blaze (those action shots from a British gaming magazine that also recommended the game to an enquirer were unforgettable) and I began to challenge myself in Mania. And without using macros even when I play the non-physical version on my computer with the standard business model keyboard (this makes it convenient for recording) when I also felt the television is too far.

Girls in video games I've noticed have always been fast but weak, and so I take it as my duty to care for them when others have stuck to stronger male characters.

For Blaze I couldn't bear seeing her walk alone in a street filled with dangerous criminals, and at night but I'm always watching over her and making sure she's safe and okay.

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Beispiele tun oft mehr als viel Wort' und Lehr'.
Examples are often found to be much louder than words and teachers.