Monday, 19 August 2013

░▒▓█ Nintendo Gets a Win-Win Situation for Let's Play Floppys

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I am certainly not a Public Relations spokesman for Nintendo but I have always liked how companies such as this have always taken an independent-minded perspective on its road to wealth. Their ways may appear cold and calculated - and even sociopathic - to consumers, but so far they are working and the mutual love remains as strong as oak. Let us look back at some of the strange corporate beliefs this toy company wonder possesses.

The first highlight is its psychic ex-President Yamauchi who had in the "good old days" loudly refused to get the company involved with the arcade business citing low-profitability in the long term and even threatening resignation if he was wrong. Now when you look at console-based Nintendo and arcade-known Sega that ended up making games for the former in the 00s after a series of debacles you know the old man does have some insight after all.

So yes, Sega totally does what Nintendon't - it does lots of generic arcade titles and then contributes software to a slow, kiddy company that was once its serious rival.

The next headline-grabbing conviction from Nintendo is the recently-known regrettable decision to remove the story mode surprise altogether from their work-in-progress latest Smash Bros. fighting game installation as a result of it being an open secret.

"Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet." Sakurai lamented. "You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene]. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them."

As much as I was truly saddened by the news despite being a non-participant I also thought it was extremely disrespectful for the gamers especially the diehard fanboys among them to do something that would hurt the staff member of their beloved company to such an extent by exposing footage before it was meant to be shown, and as an unexpected bonus to the sincere players. In brief, the rogues killed it for the goodies.

The third controversial technique Nintendo utilised is the community concept of directing and redirecting compulsory ad fees from the Let's Play gaming pugilists to themselves as a soft form of compensation for their humbly-cheery gameplay exhibitions in their household name instead of voicing outright displeasure and disgust followed by the issuing of an ultimatum to youtube that it takes them all down using the irreproachably-holy claim of copyright.

Speaking to GameFront, Nintendo mercifully noted that "…unlike other entertainment companies, we have chosen not to block people using our intellectual property." Fans rejoice!!!

Fine, people may be at odds with the truth but I have actually noticed - with other players - that most Let's Players are in reality unskilled averages that can't also make it pass the most preliminary auditions at American Idol or any respectable beauty pageants and they just basically share and even leak things, so by doing this an understandably unhappy Nintendo - that is in a pathetic fiscal shape today - is very probably opting for a win-win solution to the problem that would minimise hostility from its large, emotional fanbase in the West tandem instead of autocratically saying: "we have had it with this unwatchable nonsense and you just buy and play our games at home" and then going full-on to obliterate all such videos in existence.

Typically, emotions flew wildly and vividly over this, and one poster had something to say:
"The top people at companies like Nintendo are much too distant to see how things are in the real world. Someone with 3 MBAs made a deal with Youtube and would probably never understand that now people don´t search games on magazines or game sites, but on the popular youtube/twitch tv channels. And they watch the games in those channels because they like the casters and their commentaries."

This tirelessly-tiring phrase "the real world" may sound fun and forceful, but on the other hand it certainly helps to know that ideals made the United States of America along with other realities and something that is too random and also too mediocre usually does not make for a very positive publicity image, because if the converse is true they would have long ago been scouted by the company itself. The Internet and its progression as far as I can tell, had undoubtedly brought ruin and laid waste to many traditional businesses across the globe despite its marvel and it is also much hated by many of those still closed-minded Japanese nowadays because everything is being passed around and made known freely and openly worldwide and together with the other business owners they feel hapless and helpless about it, so it is understandable that everyone affected would vocalise their concerns in a less-peaceful-and-loving manner and if applicable, try to take up reductive measures to address the situation.

Ah the universal desire to be a stud haha I mean liked. Well I don't mean that these Let's Players should or actually endeavour to be feared - even though I concede it would really be entertaining to watch their courageous attempts - but being liked and especially too much is a form of enslavement and hindrance if not also, a way of putting problems on a carousel instead of getting to them. In politics striving to be popular ends up evading painful decisions that may benefit the common electorate and the nation in the end, and I am convinced this also applies to life itself in all aspects if you can put good thought into it. As an alpha male my voice is unfortunately as mesmerising as my looks - I descend from a family of crooners -  and while I am just continuing one of my many passions I just like, at this point, to show footage of various stuff I enjoyed playing since my elementary school days that I did not enjoy. No killer voices, no preening and no disturbing metal music. What a great loss and irony to the world that those who are cut out for Let's Playing don't do it, and those who don't have it, do it aplenty.

In my limited time I believe in doing my best nevertheless and showing people what I want them to see, not what they want to see. And doing as I please heh heh heh. People have talked about me, noted my notorious hatred for tool-assisted speedruns, my support of low-tiered, weak and female characters in the games and they were also awed into silence about my shocking natural skill and so on but frankly, even if I may stupidly be misunderstood sometimes I only stand where I am and I don't move away for anybody.