Monday, 22 April 2013

░▒▓█ I gave my student something today.

He has a challenging life, but he is brave enough to surge on. Just like me.
When I played this fun fun fun Street Fighter IV I thought of him, and so I decided to take a picture of the natural result and give it to him as his reward, seeing the unnatural fanboy fanaticism he has with Akuma and other boss characters even more than I do (fortunately for everyone I still believe in the free market system and oppose monopolies once a while) hahaha.

Since he is so humble to see himself as my disciple in Street Fighter (and Streets of Rage and well, the whole business of fun) then of course I am also as humble to accept it. He's my biker friend and we share many important ideas about the games and how they should be approached. I don't use the computer very much myself but he's an Old Economy old-town dude who actually doesn't really believe in it at all, but in recent times because it has proven itself to be a vehicle for him to exercise his latent creativity in Streets of Rage he has become more involved with it. Has the "traditionalist" lost the fight? It looks quite like it.

Well, he claims he sees and learns something different whenever I am in action, but the truth is: I don't really know what I taught him. I'm actually bored and I'm looking for others, and other things to do. He is smart to figure this out and relate it to me, I have to give him that.
Enjoy the ride chum.