Monday, 4 February 2013

░▒▓█ Re: Confessions of a Pick-Up Artist

Hi Richard,

I am very surprised by your candidness in this no-longer-delicate (I should think for you) matter that you have been so ardently pursuing. I have always liked girls that are decent, academically-inclined, intelligent, linguistic and could play a musical instrument and as per my choice I take the more challenging way than most people who are just content in getting any girl they happen to see. Their meeting point would always be bars, pubs and nightclubs but well, I prefer to scout for talent elsewhere.

Something that is not as easy to gain is better treasured as it is often said, and I find life to be much more fun and meaningful that way. Lust and love. There is a lack of the latter quality that I guess, answers the question as to why so many occupied men that you described are so unhappy and even suicidal, including probably a bunch of pickup artists among them that are prowling in the various drinking holes of the world.

Well, when the day draws to an end whether one gets what he wants is usually up to two requisites: leverage and whether he gets it or not. A few quality studs or an uncountable quantity of duds. This is why I made the distinction of ‘love’ and ‘real love’.