Tuesday, 22 January 2013

░▒▓█ Reflection of an Alpha Male (*Me)

Being an alpha male without even trying is what many betas don't know as the later stage thanks to imbalances noted in their collective intelligence or IQ, and this actually has been said to death but for the benefit of the readers I would want to stress that real confidence in oneself is the most paramount requisite of an alpha male. That and the cavalier accompaniment to the banalities of life. You aim to simply improve things and people - this can be taken into the further stages as well - not complain about or be affected by them. Too much.

Alphas do complain and react, and they do whatever they want horrors upon horrors but they have prestige and you know that when they do this or something in general it usually looks different from the rest that does the same thing. Showing off like roaring is not always necessary, but both personality traits do make for good show tools especially when certain social situations beg and die for them.

But the sad down-to-earth fact is: I think alphas and betas are at the end of the day, determined pretty much by genetics pre-birth so for those of you who are not comfortable or even capable of leading then just enjoy your lives as followers of the system. There's nothing wrong with that. Show me a naysayer and I'd show you a real jerk!

And what? Do you actually think we natural leaders have it so easy? We are just being true to ourselves, and feeling right with no other way. Damn it!

Okay go do your homework children. Till then, there'd be no TV for you.