Saturday, 25 August 2012

░▒▓█ -- Love Story --

"I've always been here for you haven't I?" I asked, as I stood proudly on the pathway. With my left shoe stuck in the skull of her evil step-mother (who exceeded the infernal nature of her dead natural mother). Again I overdid it, I thought in my mind cheekily as I then tried to shake it off. The eyeballs were around approximately 1.72 metres away each from the mercy-less killing and the ground became quite dirty with her blood. She was no more.

Saying nothing she dropped everything, ran over and gave me a hug with tears in her eyes. Hmm, underneath her bargain-store white t-shirt and faded 90s jeans her body from all angles was still as good as before, and her skin milky and her face cute and nice. My efforts weren't in vain after all.

The snowflakes started falling gently upon our faces, and our warmth shone brilliantly through.

"They won't last long," came a creaky voice that I saw belonged to an old man walking with his friends who laughed coarsely in mock approval. They looked like very matured nerds, of the type that loves comic books, spoons, "clubbing" around and never really had a girlfriend in their long-in-the-tooth and prosperous lives.

"You anus face," I reminded in dismissal. "Go home."

I felt no pity for any of them however, because life is often what you make of it.

Also feeling a sudden need to half-parody some overrated movie productions I said to Stacy, "I used to be one of them". Then I laughed and actually admitted my own comic and video game collections that are classier by any stretch of reality before I jubilantly bragged about my friendly and outgoing personality, devastating handsomeness and talent in everything I touch on like an unparalleled self-based power player only could as we walked happily on together to get some vanilla ice-cream.

She smiled brightly at my every word and gesture and closed her eyes in my arms feeling safe and loved.

And my gait was not the most steady as I was still trying to wriggle the damned skull and the attached proverbial spinal cord off my shoe. Harder kicks next time.