Wednesday, 22 August 2012

░▒▓█ If Open Racists are Condoned

By everybody even then where is the law of the land?

I thought this is the 21st Century and racism has no place in this day and age?

Should people who judge and even troll other people on the basis of their skin be allowed an equal opportunity in society? In all fairness why should they?

No this Blowjob Boy David medina (Nipplefuck tega) despite being a failure as you can see from his stupid and useless channel (his ugly face, ugly fat belly and his strange-looking mouth - all things considered with his lie of having a girlfriend to cover his homosexuality I exposed as well there is a possibility of him receiving sodomy also - I'm not surprised) must still be rehabilitated and be held personally accountable for his actions and his parasitism. 

For years he has been cheating the government of pretend welfare money to buy his stupid secondhand games he doesn't even have the skill to beat, he drove his grandmother to her death, he continued distressing her daughter who is his mother to this day, ha he is 30 years old now and he is still a virgin (I do not know if him giving blowjobs and getting anus sex counts as "losing his virginity") and he still lives with her at this age and this good-for-nothing only brings her sadness with his total uselessness as a son and a person... why don't he just go live with his KKK friends and die off outside?

And that Blowjob Boy swine with the strange mouth actually dared call me a "gook" on one of his multiple channels just because I also use a female Korean character to win and I have Korean friends!!! "I'm a sexist, I'm a racist" indeed!!!!! If his trolling and gay racism are tolerated in real life as well then when will it all end?? So people of other races aren't people!?! Is this the message here?!

Maybe everyone should still forgive this racist garbage troll but there is a saying 'a leopard will never change its spots' so I'm not so sure anymore. It is still my duty to inform everyone of this failure of a person so that everyone will finally be aware of who he is, what he looks like and where he is as basic knowledge of troublesome creatures I stress, brings peace and security above all.

Really, I never knew someone like him would be such a big disgrace to Americans and even human beings as a whole. This is one achievement he can really be proud of himself in his entirely-rubbish existence.

But for gay failure swines that are fat (he said "that was before" but even before his latest videos I KNEW he was lying), ugly (his fuck face a "thing of beauty" don't make me vomit and urinate all over him), stupid (okay I accept subjective arguments for everyone wanting to defend himself in this but he still is and his life in motion is self-explanatory) and worthless (poor music tastes and non-existent gaming ability - I also laugh when he tries to keep up to MY standards and work hard to earn MY validation pffft) that tells people "I will troll until I am punished or I am dead before you" the idea is to trash him hard and ignore him every now and then. As counter-troll I leave more scars in his mind together with my Godly image hahahahahaha. He can put a bullet through his head and he can go deep down below to hell so that at least his troubled mother can finally be relieved.

I prefer Kim but Jhun is also Korean and this is what my Korean ambassador says after we spectacularly brought disgrace and ruin to that Level 1 troll swill.