Thursday, 28 June 2012

░▒▓█ Nothing Without Hard Labour (Secret Truth of Life)

Nil Sine Difficile Labore

I believe the original Roman Empire motto "Nil Sine Labore" Heckmondwike Grammar School also adopted was incomplete and the former especially fell into ruin because it wasn't convincing enough.

The changed proclamation above means "Nothing Without Hard Labour" (or Labor for non-European English users) which strongly struck a chord with my heart about what life should be made a whole lot of great sense and in consequence, I would like to introduce you the beauty and merit of leftover concentration camps in China that are called "lao gai" (劳改 - re-education through labor) for the good of the people. Always.

These creations originated from the leadership's fear of the country falling into the dark abyss of capitalism, consumerism and human degradation that always often came with them as we could see in most developed nations. They were so afraid of corrupting bourgeoisie elements upon the innocent and good people that they resolved to clean offenders - mainly the unintended proletariat converts - with the golden spirit of hard labour.

Admission into these concentration camps that were so named to encourage a sense of concentration in what they were advised to do had traditionally been compulsory, but there is no discrimination between gender, age and career, and the best thing is they are free-for-life,. so as to encourage even more offenders from other praefectures and provinces to give themselves in to the authorities and repent their misguided ways forever. These societal efforts that without fail strike at and touch their hearts are the most convincing ways that explain why they exist even in the tumultuous New Economy age.

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