Thursday, 7 June 2012

░▒▓█ 25.4% Viewership on YouTube!!!!!!

In what is to be an ongoing ride of success after reaching and even breaking the 25.0% female viewership point the good news got even better when my estimate (from conservative to ambitious at 25.3% to 25.5% respectively) was also met!!

It's by all standards, simply abnormal for just a gaming channel to get a demographic like this, which makes me feel even more proud of myself. It was a positive contrast from years ago when the female percentage was only 5.5-10% overall.

I finally understood that other than self-faith, being true to oneself is the most important thing in this world. Prior to this next stage I realised, from my exchanges with various people and their views I have come to know, that I am in reality, very different from other people. No make that everyone else. In the wake of the dawn I wasted no time in reporting the truth of the matter to my Godfather too, and he nodded. And I don't mean different like in a queer sense also - I just mean different. And I'm not afraid to show it.

I am one of those that despite upholding some cardinal values, can't actually abide by all those stupid rules that I see as meant for the others, in particular the rules of thought in any given subject. Initially I did try to conform and make myself acceptable or even liked by everyone, but then I was also wise enough to truly KNOW that this isn't the way to be.

Either you lead yourself at least, or you follow and please others and you lose yourself. My answer on this, is very clear. Ah, the living contradictions of Libra.