Wednesday, 6 June 2012

░▒▓█ 25.1% Viewership on YouTube!!!!!!

I am most elated to share with everyone in the known world that my channel on the #1 video-hosting website, as of this moment in time, has just managed to achieve at least 1/4 of the world viewership!!! I mean in terms of the female demography. This is the best record so far that I've aimed for - and got. I believe this is a great result for a game channel, and it deserves it because it is a game channel by an obviously different kind of player that stands out from the rest of suchlike channels. I do not believe my "competitors" could stand to gain half as much in comparison, though I'm sure of the best for my allies and confederates. Wow, haha. And just 10 hours ago it was so close at 24.9% and I was faced with the mortal question as to whether I should give it one more push. I made the decision and now, with the fruits of my labour and my wish come true I really don't know what else I can say, except that from what I've said that came from my heart I'm glad to be able to see that the girls are starting to take notice and be able to feel the depth and essence of it, which is the most important. I know also that it makes them happy to see me happy as well, so let me do a shoutout of thanks to all the dear angels and little stars out there who have endeavoured to build up this lovely creation of truth for me!

Country Analysis
Hungary has as a new tradition of entering the top ten, but before that Germany also made a brief incursion for maniacally-random reasons and after the latter was put in his place the new liberal republic is now in a head-to-head race with the latest arrival that is Argentina particularly because a humorous parallel regarding Cammy's original Ultra that sounded like British Airways when airborne was made by me. Needless to say the Argentinians who have an ongoing disagreement with the British over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands felt my comment endearing and so their views added.

Views from my Malaysia has gone from good to better - they have remained pretty supportive in terms of staying strength, for which they have my utmost thanks as always whereas for the Southern recycled water drinkers their attendance had shown to have tipped a little but that development is to be entirely treated with indifference as those strange islanders are by far the simplest in terms of international standards.

Taiwan. This is an interesting place where surprisingly their support is rather high for a non-English speaking territory. France the country that used to take in Reunion which is the place of my birth as part of their administration is now rising steadily for at least a while to speak conservatively as they are also beginning to be unabashed in showing an appreciation of my efforts in one way or another through the usage and joyous referencing of what is a good part of their prized language.

China has in recent years after 2006 registered little to no views because the communist-turned-capitalist government had imposed a ban on the site and they also have domestic alternatives on the other hand that they are mostly content with. Russia for a while overtook the United Kingdom in the Top 5 for they in an unexpected twist, other than uniformly giving recognition to my use of Zangief they also intelligently-understood my cynical comment on "Brave New World" as a replacement word for their rival "America" after British Intelligence (the people) failed to grasp it beyond the novel written by their countrymen.

South Korea used to be in the top 10, but because some of their simple but erroneous fanatically-clannish ideas have to be advised against themselves instead of feeling liberated they felt defeated and they were ashamed to face me even on the Internet, that I democratically accept without emotion.