Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ To the black people

I am surprised that my support of Balrog and Elena has actually gotten some notice online from particularly the black community, when I was just quietly doing my own thing and doing my best at it. It's all good, and I cannot stress enough that the positive feedback and encouragement that I got from you guys is far greater than being one of those nerdy Jap or those other rubbish shotosperms and winning in events like EVO and SBO by behaving like their favourite turtle characters. The whole thing began when I used Balrog a bit during the Champion Edition days, more prominently in Super Street Fighter II and more competitively at last in Super Street Fighter II Turbo more than a decade later. During the time of Super Street Fighter II people were telling me how they disliked Balrog like his moves aren't very good, his victory strip move is lame, he's useless (this one gets the most votes) etc. When I was seen choosing him I was laughed at, when I reached my mirror match it was decried as luck, and even today when I chose the Super Classic Balrog in Super Street Fighter II Turbo another Asian would look at the screen hard for a second, then at time, and he'd shake his head in incredulity. And all these losers then and now, are much older than I am. And they are also those worthless shoto users in the pile I have also talked about. Hmph, to think that the elderly should lead the way. I guess I was wrong. One really shouldn't expect too much from others. But I believed in him regardless, and pushed on. And even though I was very young at that time I was kinda aware that black people have often been treated rather poorly and unfairly in the West, and even so by most equally xenophobic people in the East. So, I thought I should try to stand up for them a little, even though I'm not black. About the games I feel that to achieve anything by using a shotokan turtle character, and to behave like one, is but ordinary, and I would even say expected as they are so user-friendly and so easy win with and of course, in terms of taking this lower direction if I would, I could. But it's so unfortunate that I mostly despise these characters and their nerd users who make them their life and their religion and if these are what it takes to win those useless game awards and kudos (they still won’t get to live in Palm Beach and girls throwing their panties at them much less real careers and dates hahaha) then I think I have the personal free will to pass it up. Maybe it's just me but I usually, or unusually like to support weaker, lower-tiered and ignored characters and their variations most of the time, in both Street Fighter and the King of Fighters. I like to challenge myself. And I really don't give a damn about tournaments because I don't have the time for those frivolities where tyros are desperate to use yet again your usual popular and strong characters to prove their oh-so-incredible power over others in order to justify their crying existences. Photobucket  
 You're no match for me... stop kidding yourself!
Recreated shots as I remembered from an arcade when the game came out in 1995. I unexpectedly whacked the fireball-uppercut character whoring Asian kids with Eddie for 3 - 4 times one afternoon (Eddie is a charge character and his movements are a bit slow) and they got sour and thumped the controls before going off to the other machines. I also like to challenge myself. Maybe it's because of my strong belief in the later character Elena that many gamers in that stupid multilated snail game Third Strike hate so much that I also succeeded recently in using - of all national teams - the one from Kenya to beat the early arcade game Premier Soccer by Konami on one credit, obtaining a true ending after felling the special test final team called Extra when I was crowned World Champion.

So I think this has become more than just a game and just playing it huh haha. I know people including some of the other Asians don't understand this and think I'm weird, but let them be as most of them are just pretty idiotic anyway. And I would like to add that I do have many friends of all races from the PC Engine forum and offline with their lives and passions that I truly admire and respect, including also the earliest video game dude who came on YouTube before I did months later called Toneman who has indeed been a true friend and whom I call my blood brother. And THIS, is for the shotosperms: [audio]

Thanks again, and take care. Trivia: the tag '拳王' as you have seen in all my posts is actually Balrog's name as he is known to players in China and Japan, where English is not really of lingua franca status. As Chinese characters it means "King of the Fists" and was thought up by the Japanese, but the original Chinese meaning remains the same.

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