Sunday, 23 January 2011

░▒▓█ My First Dan Victory for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition!!!

On the 22nd day of January in the year 2011. At 10:43 pm. History has made a stamp on the anus face of mankind... Photobucket Asia is doomed as I have arrived. Photobucket The all-too-familiar sound that would come with the magnificently abbreviated wording. While congratulating myself on my daring and supremacy after realising what I have actually done I am excited to share with you this great thing that came out of my first-day attempt at Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and my first crack at Dan against those pro pro pros (self-supporters of themselves becoming professional prostitutes) in the city central arcade at night where many of the best fugly nerds and geeks in the country gather to fight. These pictures cost a heartbreaking 50 cents, but the sincere efforts put in make them priceless. Who supports the low and lowest-tiered characters in all these games? Me. ☆ I am happy to announce that in my first crack at Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition I did a Dan win against a player using Feilong in the arcade central where many of the best nerds in the country gather to fight. Pictures are on the web log. Who supports the low and lowest-tiered characters in all these games? --> Me. Oh and some of those Asians there are horrible and retarded enough to call me an "idiot" and to give their equally dumb friends an assessment of my Dan behind my back when I only used him less than 5 times, let alone being the ONLY ONE who is willing and daring enough to use him in the arcades. These really ugly faggots can all suck my cock hard and then go fuck themselves. And let alone all of the other games that I play and the other things in life. This is the reason why I don't like to associate with these failures, even those similar rubbish from Japan and the West. They are all pretty much the same actually. I won't want to limit myself with their small brain space mentality, get worse in consequence and finally, sink to their low level. I saw the danger many times and therefore I wanted to stay out. I want to enjoy things and do them my way with my own ways of thinking that are unconstrained by other people. I notice that other than the obvious and strong characters these low and ugly rot of society only use their bladder mouths - they are actually pretty useless other than being inferior and as I use Dan I am already better than them, let alone getting even a win with this character. Earlier on I missed out on a chance against a Sakura user. But maybe it is destined that it be done against a higher and worthier opponent. And a Super Finish heh heh heh. It's all good and I like it. Photobucket Keeyah!!! Photobucket Feilong looks eerily to me like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat especially when he's falling. Photobucket I like the look of his uppercut that shoots swiftly up into the air. Shoryu Cannon is a good name to call it (Dan > Sean). And it's just too bad his vitality was too low to stand for a full-fledged beating of the often-underestimated Saikyo style. Photobucket There! It's done all the same. Photobucket "I did it koshujin-sama" says Dan to his user (erm, Me). Yahahaha! Photobucket There's my Dan. Photobucket The grades are not shown, but that's not because I was shy or anything. Photobucket There! You get to see them after all. I'm so young and talented!!! Good fight! It is said that the tigers that come out at night are much more ferocious than during the day, but I managed to properly whack one of them with a low-tiered character in the end. Photobucket 《武松打虎》 Hmm, he's cool, but I'm much better-looking and braver than this countryside hero Wu Song because I also beat one at night :P I remember once in class where my Mandarin teacher in his fondness of me took an opportunity to make fun of me by stating my name as the true tiger beater and everyone laughed. I think I can finally report to him I that beat one up real good. So saying, I did it. No comparison with me, but even though Dan is a lock-on joke character and behaves very clownishly but he enjoys life being one and doesn't take it too seriously. Way unlike the Asian nerds and geeks at the arcades. There are good qualities you can also learn from regarding these low-tier characters. Photobucket Blah blah blah Jap. See you again!