Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ Lupin III VS Sherlock Holmes

Which one of these two would walk away the champion? I think, after 30 years of trying Inspector Zenigata should take a back seat, a holiday, or whatever he wants so long as he gives up the search and arrest of Arsene Lupin's grandson for good to someone with more expertise. And he could take the sadly ugly kid Detective Conan for a holiday too. Like father, like son. Hahaha never mind that. Photobucket Japan under Inspector Zenigata surrenders to the fled-from-sight Lupin III from France in defeat and utter disgrace Photobucket Little Conan growing up to be a gym rat and a young failure running around in Hawaii in greater confusion without his cheesey white-rimmed gay nerdy glasses. Well seriously I think this matchup is a really good idea - pitting a famed ingenious English detective who operates beyond Scotland Yard and an infamous French thief who usually gets what he's after in his capers around the globe. Just think: English intellectualism meets French chicanery. Yeah a good Old World rivalry coming back in full circle. It helps to observe that both boss characters are actually pretty grossly-overpowered in their own worlds anyway, which is the reason why they are being mentioned here by me in the first place, followed by my personal desire of seeing The Clash of the Titans. Other than his renowned near-psychic powers of deduction Sherlock can also actually swim better than a sailor, fish for propitious salmon without fail, hunt with the same unbelievable result, cook up something so delicious that surprises even the Iron Chef and effortlessly straighten a bent rod without anyone's help which are just a few hints of what he is actually capable of, making Dr. Watson look completely paedestrain at worst or at best, just an overaged understudy with his own gun when the rare need arises as redemption for his companionship. Meanwhile Lupin can not only plot but also, shoot as well as his already-crackshot partner Jigen at fair range, survive planned explosions despite getting some that were actually meant to kill him, often dance his way melodiously and smoothly around furious machine-gun fire even at point-blank range without managing to get even a singe hit, drive classy antique cars directly up walls and other more-apparent vertical slopes without string assistance and slip unbelievably between train wheels like a natural ninja among other various forms of defiance against the natural laws of physics we all know and love whether we like it or not. It also helps to note that Lupin is less willing than Sherlock in letting his sidekick become completely useless as there are several blatant opportunities for his sniping, duelling, shooting when the high-classed thief is driving away from their pursuers hot on their heels, getting him out of tight spots and the like. A great man is not only great on his own but also, he is great because he inspires his underlings to achieve some of it too with his heart. Oh God we are so alike! Argh just ignore this vainglorious Libra guy who is writing this little story. Notwithstanding these two major aspirants the other similarity both share that I particularly like is the joint love of classical music. Both are very capable of playing various musical instruments at performance level but decided on their true respective callings in life instead. And on the part of their partners it cannot be denied that Dr. Watson truly looks up to Sherlock Holmes just as Jigen Daisuke truly admires his lord Lupin III. Going back to the main two again the one big difference is that while both are pretty luckless with girls Lupin at least appears to make a visible effort after them other than his foolish interest in Fujiko while Sherlock is just, probably resigned to only do what he's mainly good at without such romantic distractions. Ahem. And as fun trivia Sherlock Holmes is actually able to speak more of his native language than compared to Lupin III who well, speaks just as much French as I do haha. What a pity. If such a movie or even series of this incredible showdown would ever be made, just as you can be sure that I am among the first if not the first to suggest this publicly in a scenario where there is really nothing Sherlock Holmes can't figure out and really nothing Lupin can't escape from you can still be sure the French-Japanese thief who's blessed with the likeness of the Monkey God Sun Wukong (and Son Goku in Japanese adaptation of the popular Chinese tale Journey to the West), his penchant for pranks and a fun-loving easy-going nature would actually earn him a point ahead of the World's Most Famous Detective. Yes, primarily because a picture however comically-misguided at times, is usually worth more than a thousand words (a few more thousand as it's moving), let alone in comparison to another much-later state-of-the-art major one in the New World that fares even poorer than a fish in a dress, if you know what I'm talking about. And comical Lupin has the more-forgivable Licence to Nuke the Fridge and could still be observed by many in his future schemes anyway, but it isn't so for serious professor-adventurer Indy to try the same. Le glorieux champion

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