Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ Like a naked and helpless little girl...

These weak and useless failures are. Nevertheless, compare and contrast these two extracts:

Because the sinks* have low self-esteem as well as low expectations. They just can't envisage themselves becoming billionaires or making a real difference to the world. No visualisation, no motivation, no fruition. The sinks prefer living in their insulated bubbles where they are rewarded for the mere ability to obey and regurgitate. Being asked to stand out from the norm is undoubtedly their greatest nightmare that would lead them towards insanity among other health and mental disorders.Mahathir Mohamad said Sunday that Muslim-majority countries should look east for development models and not at Western nations, which he described as "failures".

If you want to copy or learn something, learn from the successful people, not from the failures," he told an international conference on Islamic finance in northern Malaysia.

How poetic, given that just a few days ago I called an anus-faced American troll a TOTAL FAILURE myself.

The truth of the matter is - there is no comparison and contrasting to deal with. By contrast I just want to share the striking parallels of those diehard and defiant zero-achievers in different lands.

*sinks - rubbish defectives