Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ If Street Fighter is comparable to Go (圍棋)

Then I think I would be very similar to the South Korean playmaster Lee Chang-Ho (李昌鎬). I read that he is a player who never attempts any big moves or aims to surprise his opponents with amazing play which I agree with as in a real and ultimate fight there is actually hardly a need to. On a related but less-direct note it helps to also understand that triad members who have until today defeated and even killed renowned martial artists without knives or guns often do it in a less artistic manner and similarly I suspect that those nerdy players (disguised shamelessly as pro pro pros) who have to always fight gorgeously and with the best and strongest characters and overemphasise on flair like the Japanese in particular are but weak by nature as by doing these they actually betray their need to protect their glassy, rubbishy egos badly and to please the crowd just to make themselves popular, accepted within the, pfft, "community" and look smart as well as minimising bad press all through these underachieving applications by stifling the higher percentage of making mistakes and appearing foolish through doing away with innovation just so they could stand out in their pathetic hope of getting ahead in life.

Well, the most amazing thing is the fact that since a long ago time, in his search for himself in the game, Lee had decided to drop the attempt of playing those dazzling, brilliant moves that are mostly a waste of time (similar to the Dialogues that wisely suggested doing away with court etiquette in the king's palace and just come out with it to cut cost and save time) like I said to people before and has instead started to play more "common" moves instead.

While he is not noted to have the conventional wisdom of a Go genius like most other champions, he makes up for it in his own way with deep reading and study abilities that are at a different level from most players. I have always liked the word 'study' as there is almost nothing in this world that cannot be understood by arduous and diligent dedication so through this method his playing style would progress to be effective against anyone he comes across. In contrary to following his teacher's style of natural brilliance and quick thinking, he chose to develop magnificent calculation and deep reading. Even before I came across this chap I favoured this perspective, though I don't feel I'm going in a magnificent direction. An interesting note is till this day, many spectators still come off being unimpressed by Lee's style of Go because it seems too simple, but like I already said in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter as long as it works under legitimate circumstances. For the win. I may be facing accusations of being superficial in terms of girls and things of art, and even the production values of videos I do even for fun, that display these simple, logical, practical and effective techniques, but that's about it. And sometimes when I do something like this I like to see how far the observer could go in showing his understanding of it beneath the surface, before I make a comment. If nobody could see it, then it's too bad and they can go their own ways, and so far no one has, so in any case I remain noncommittal as usual.

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