Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ I was the Love Guru this evening.

I reprised my role as a Love Guru when I met a friend this evening, the kind that I would only contact when in those rare moments of my life I feel frivolous. Predictably, just as he had low self-esteem as regards to himself and his career he was also obstinate, one-dimensional and stupid as he has always been when I learned about what happened in his petty romantic excursions (to call these 'conquests' would be too strong a word in the English language). His sense of telling an interesting story to a girl is saying he lost his key at one time and he told his family members who all got worried and helped him look for it around the time for hours before they finally found it. Zilch.And that was before his own admission of being just as boring as the girl he was after. His idea of knowing a girl with the intention of settling down is to withhold all possible information about his career and assets to her, state his job and family like how an employment application form is being filled and keep talking to her to see if she is really the one worth going after, when he doesn't know that a girl needs to have some validation of those things before she decides to go serious with him to make him come to the decision in the first place. And the best part is, he is family-oriented I mean needy and he wants to be bound by them and their approval of his choice before he would proceed. Sad case of a overgrown boy wanting his cake and eat it. But nevertheless my consultation that went on one hour beyond the time he needed to get back home to prepare for work early the next day had given the loser some hope in the end, to which he was extremely grateful. Le l'Homme est un grand perdant. Photobucket

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