Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ I Could Love Again

Friday, 27 April 2012

Even though I thought the other guys should give their love to the next better girl they could find, I had doubts as it seemed that the first love would still be deeper if it could happen again (like she comes back). But then I thought again and I finally managed to objectively arrive at the truth that her successor is the one who truly gave me her trust and love and all, and that I could not have any right to be unfair towards her and go back to the earlier one no matter what the reason may be because unlike that treasonous snake this girl was the one who was actually there for me when I needed her, who gave her full love and all, and she was also the one who helped me heal almost completely from the wound the former had mercilessly inflicted upon me.

As a gentleman and a real man I realised I could not break her love and her dreams, and leave her be and make her cry. These low deeds are something only animals in the jungle are really capable of. So with these thoughts I made up my mind, and took up the call to meet my first love who rang me up earlier that day saying something about wanting to meet me, in an obvious bid to get me back. It also means she was being used and dumped by the very guy her mother had approved of more, that she also decided to go with. I did meet her up, just to call her out for what she is and I ended telling her to just take it that we never met.

As I walked away in quiet hatred beneath my sarcastic smile this little angel suddenly flashed in my mind. I forgot about that negative emotion and I quickly flagged a cab to where she was. My initial puzzlement over whether I got close to her was because she was a temporary replacement model of that traitor was dissolved, and it also became as clear that since the day we chose each other I had never intended it that way. When I opened the door I saw that she was still in her high school uniform, and she fell asleep apparently while she was waiting for me. Poor girl. I went to her immediately, and looking at her pretty little face (but she looked worried) I held her hand while calling out her name. She suddenly opened her eyes and put her arms around me, saying she was so glad to see me and that I was alright.

After a while she got off and I held her hands again, looking at her meaningfully. And tears were beginning to flow out of my eyes. That moment was the first time in my life I showed this to a girl that I have feelings for. She looked worried again and asked me what went wrong. I just told her that I've finally woken up from a rotten dream and that I'd never ever leave her alone no matter what happens. She nodded, I gave her a kiss, she kissed me too and it was from that point on when I felt our love had gotten even stronger. I am so damn happy I have a brain, a heart, and I did the right thing that day.

We are still together as we speak and with my company and encouragement she managed spectacularly well for last year's finals. She is actually a beautiful, intelligent, a very soft and sweet girl with many fears thanks to a terrible childhood with her family and so it is only my duty as her lover to stay by her side and love and care for her in the best that I can. [audio]