Friday, 27 April 2012

░▒▓█ God Damn the fighting game community (fgc).

Or flying gonad chews. Photobucket
There was an idiotic member (his intelligence didn't convince me he could be a host) I spoke to self-styled "GoForBrokeTV" (on a linguistic play he probably knew and fortold his destiny better than anyone else and he now wants to put it out on televison) before that stressed the "importance" of those worthless tourneys (god I hate that word) and "going by what the community thinks". At the first point I gave the broke goer a discount (not to be confused with cutting him some slack), and just when he was uttering those words that led to the second point I strongly felt rightaway that I was with stupid. Because everyone is a differently developing potential on the way to realising his full I see the "community" as the force that is holding them back, with all of their stupid rules and ideas where they enforce them upon you and expect you to agree and make them the way you approach things in Street Fighter, for fear of facing heavy internal backlash and being thrown out, abandoned and isolated.


Ha! why not?

So it's just again an unhealthy reinforcement of tried and proven percentage-based techniques and formalisation of methods thought out by other people and a progression in that sense, and stopping people from being themselves and making everyone do more of the same kind of things on the way, just to look good like they are in a group. I'm not sure if people like to be ordered about by different quarters of other people throughout their lives other than their teachers, parents, siblings and party leaders but it seems that many of them especially you typically-destined journeymen, actually do, because since their kindergarten days they are scared to be alone, to stand out, and to have a brain. They need to belong somewhere and to some people to feel like they are of some worth, just so that they could also conveniently hide their weaknesses and their useless existences where as rugs they allowed themselves to be stepped on by those who are louder and better than them and being obedient to all their dictations, and worshipping them and the other supposedly more-"experienced" (another word I dislike) players and suppressing their own ideas and ways of thinking. Wow, what a way to inculcate sheep mentality and limiting pursuits and shallow perceptions, and what a way to live a life. The humorous scene picture where lackeys and dogs believe they actually mean anything just because they suck up exclusively to individuals of better worth that are capable of operating independently of them by contrast never ends its presence and its accompanying comedy.

Photobucket So my question is: do you really want to be like those people? Do I really want to be like those people? The obvious answers aside, let's not start shortchanging (or limiting) ourselves. I don't even know what those bloody terms these fools that dominate the group came up with, like "balance" (these pseudo-Libra communists), "bad matchup" (designed to make you feel useless like them?) "negative edge", "spamming", "zoning", "spacing" and "footsies" (haha no those pigs aren't into soccer) and "piano" (and haha no almost none of them have come close to a girl LET ALONE one that can play a piano), but I do only know how to do my best, and win. Maybe my definition of "spacing" (which should be self-explanatory but you've never know what these nerds would come up with) especially against the shotosperms is quite close to theirs, I don't know, nor should I really care to, but I just thought these aspects of understanding are actually more intuitive in one's subsequent self-correction in the drive to be better and win better. In other words: unspoken wisdom. To have to spell them out aloud when most of them are constitute what is common sense I think, is an extremist form of showcasing mental retardation. Many people who played the game well in the early 90s and could manage quite the same today went in with a Just-Do-It attitude, without needing to know all these meaningless terms to win.

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No problem.

So be it.

These urban champions I mean nerds have turned Street Fighter into something as routine and exciting as reading the papers, if not a job outright. They have succeeded and their parents are proud of them. PS I could give a fuck about what the rubbish community thinks or even feels. Gotta thank these darling anus faces for making me swear twice, cos I rarely do unless I am very pissed off about certain animals I mean people and things. :(