Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hmm, the Sun is rising. I feel like going to the beach in the morning to look at the sea and its waves and feel the morning sea breeze. But the annoying thing is that, at all times the beach has people. Lots of it too. And everywhere else as well on this miserable island, sigh. Actually I thought of my videos that I posted using a joint account on YouTube since a good three years ago. What was supposed to be just a simply fun experience making and posting video game videos and then getting ratings, comments and subscribers to interact with and add to the support base turned out to be much more complicated when people with egos and mental issues that have terrorism tendencies go online and become members too. It is not enough that some of the common lesser people who joined before and after are just being foul-mouthed, dismissive (despite failing even the most competent plastic surgeons, needing to clean toilets and having to consume human excrement to survive) and arrogant (male backside sellers even from famous Third World countries have their artificially-inflated pride too), but when all these types including that of the earliest descriptions are put together, you do have a considerate problem on your hands. As proverbial as I may sound, a lot of things have naturally happened since then. For the usual I get quite a bit of hate spam, derisive posts and especially on the former they are sometimes also from users who seem to be attacking me for no reason (until I did an investigation and realized a number of them are actually losers and trolls who also liked video games too unfortunately but catastrophically they have poor taste, non-existent skill, and that some of these poor anus face nerds also happened to be groupies with some people my friends and I disapprove of as well). Ultimate Revenge Attacks from my end upon these slow pokes, low-value trash and absolute lowlifes for free and out of love eventually caught the attention of Encyclopaedia Dramatica, that I shall take full liberty to share with you on here: I'm surprised that anus face journeyman ManifestContent who did fluke well in JUST the FIRST STAGE of ONLY ONE GAME (people nicknamed him as "Mr. Round 1" ever since - with few exceptions it fits the Western psyche rather well) in a out-of-production 16-bit system would funnily begin having delusions of grandeur in running people down and inventing false accusations against others. Bravo. More like despicable. Because of the negative rap he brought upon himself he has learned to tone down on his language, and he even claimed in an old reply that he has "forgotten about it". If that is true then why is the hate video still up? Obviously he is a troublemaking vermin as anyone with a brain can tell, he thinks he can bully the hell out of people and the bad news is this anus face guy who sort airway bills at a small courier company that defines his existence also has another anus face failure-supporter that leeches off government disability welfare and who also reminds me of Simple Jack - our dearest spammer extraordinaire Nintega* all the way from New Jersey, the USA. Looking in a deeper perspective it's really scary how big some small people's egos are, especially online. And it's also funny at the same time some of those other loser gamers who did not agree with me, would actually resort to using his video as their only source and the strongest support they could only get in their joint attack against me (cos they all know they suck in comparison and ironically one of them even took lessons from me in playing a mech game some time back), favoriting it and even creating a stupid group based on that where its members are only a few of them and no one else in the related and the general communities. Bunch of real winners we have with us here. Even imagining myself to be any one of these untalented anus face hacks who can't play any video game to save their lives despite their extreme nerd passion for video games, disgusts me. I'm feeling a bit nauseous and weak as we speak. So why am I not impressed or, as they so badly desired, hurt? Because all these things that are but insignificant subsets of that one weak thing that's supposed to be big but is not are in effect a form of a, may I humbly put, actual triple recognition of my superiority over them all in all, that's why! As for Pilotwings, I did beat the first stage with only one event attended, which is good enough. And I beat the entire game also, including the dreadful the Night Rescue Scenario, which signifies that I have done my duty for the game. And I would like to remind those fail dumps that in my spare time however little than compared to the past I have also re-examined the 16-bit game and easily evened the score without even needing to pull off so much unnecessary bullshit like he did. ☆☆ Lastly, as a warning and a reminder, I WON'T let ANY JANITOR insult me on a game that my Godfather gave me the money to buy as a special gift (together with Turtles IV) 10 years ago. NOBODY!!!!!! * also a virgin and a retarded otaku no real girls would really want to associate with. I feel blessed and fortunate that I'm not him.
Picture of SeventhSun lovingingly stroking the heads of Nintega and ManifestContent while feeding them with his own excrement.