Friday, 29 April 2011

░▒▓█ I broke precedent!!

Photobucket Proposal Photobucket Response Usually the number of likes are about 3 but just a little over last night it was a big 4 for the first time in my shining career of reaching out to the sarcastic heartbeat. In a meaningful and non-sarcastic way as I've always promised and delivered of course. Definitely.

░▒▓█ Orthorexia: Do you suffer from it?

** For starters orthorexia is simply a mental condition directly linked to an obsession with justice eating.

Well, do you?

What I'd confess is this:


Sunday, 24 April 2011

▒▓█ Let me save you.

Save me from the hell people made in this world. The earth that has went far to destructions and war, greed and lust, sex and drugs…
Let me be the hero for this world. But first save me, save my soul from the steel bar temptations of evil and I will save the world before it is too late...

... Words of a drunken hero cosplayer asking for bail money after cops responded briefly to his gallant attempt at social activism.

Well, I will consider saving you just to see you be a hero. Saints often love providing for and spectating martyrs.

Maybe not today :D

Saturday, 23 April 2011

░▒▓█ The ground is not sweet.

Anyone who has licked it knows. We are not growing sweet corn either, and neither are the streets paved with them or any imported sugar crops for that matter.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

░▒▓█ Lamentation

It is such a great pity that those very people who had heaped genuine praise on my command of the English language in the past, would also end up to be the ones that I am most incapable of accepting, be it differences in political ideology or just perspectives.

I do think about them every now and then, and like Rockman X standing alone on the cliff after the destruction, I often wonder if this is all meant to be, or there is actually another better way to handle these things.

Well in any case, a sense of regretful* loss is undeniable.

*regretful is used only in an official context to suit the posture of the otherwise-literal reflection because on further consideration I see absolutely nothing wrong being committed on my part.

Monday, 11 April 2011

★★ Memorable piece from Tun Dr. Mahathir

Said Mr. Pro Modern White Paper: At one time I was the one who criticised the government. I was alone. Nobody supported me. That was in those good old days. We always talk about "good old days", but actually the old days were not so good. Photobucket So close.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

░▒▓█ I can't believe my Godfather, or can I?

When I told him of my desire to visit North Korea he said I do actually look a bit Korean, and he asked his friends, who actually also agreed.

Is that so? Is that a good thing?

I don't know what this means haha.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

░▒▓█ I can't kick the habit

This is something I like to do every now and then: Photobucket No rounds were given to this dump that proudly lay next to his similarly-dead lover. Photobucket And I still like doing it.

Friday, 1 April 2011

░▒▓█ Spitz - 運命の人

バスの揺れ方で人生の意味が 解かった日曜日
でもさ 君は運命の人だから 強く手を握るよ
ここにいるのは 優しいだけじゃなく 偉大な獣

愛はコンビニでも買えるけれど もう少し探そうよ
変な下着に夢がはじけて たたき合って笑うよ
余計な事は しすぎるほどいいよ 扉開けたら

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
悪あがきでも 呼吸しながら 君を乗せて行く
汚れた靴で 通り過ぎるのさ
自力で見つけよう 神様

晴れて望み通り投げたボールが 向こう岸に届いた
いつも もらいあくびした後で 涙目 茜空
悲しい話は 消えないけれど もっと輝く明日!!

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
恥ずかしくても まるでダメでも かっこつけて行く
I NEED YOUー いつか つまづいた時には
横にいるから ふらつきながら 二人で見つけよう

神様 神様 神様 君となら…
このまま このまま このまま 君となら…

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
悪あがきでも 呼吸しながら 君を乗せて行く
汚れた靴で 通り過ぎるのさ
自力で見つけよう 神様