Monday, 29 August 2011

░▒▓█ The two moments that made me feel like a doctor.

As betrayed by these dialogues:

Case 1

SeventhSun (quoting Nintega the failure): "This SF (Hyper Anniversary Street Fighter II) game is near impossible. No way you couldn't have cheated - WAANGTHEZOMBIES 1 month ago"

Hahaha what a loser this ugly David "Nipplefuck" medina is.
Why don't this fat and ugly fuck just jump down? Why not?

Ellisthemechanic: It's obvious that he sucks at the game. I own Hyper Street Fighter II for the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the Sony PlayStation 2. The game is not that hard.

SevtnthSun: He needs to pray for a miracle to do it.

When that foul creature is being mentioned you'd find that both sides of the ongoing nature versus nurture debate would all throw their hands up and quietly vacate the arena.

This is because he single-handedly defies both in the question of the human will to succeed. Unless it's in failing, but that reverse style that involves masochism is a psychiatric issue and we'd talk about that later.

I think even Freud would end up strangling this repulsive case subject to death in frustration.

Case 2

FreedomFighterLance: Man, I have 2 years left as an undergraduate degree, and that's if I pass all of my classes from now on. I failed 2 classes last Fall because I got all emo and shit and didn't ask for help. I'm kicking myself now for not letting go of my pride and asking for help when I need it. I have this urge to always do everything on my own, even if it means I do worst than most people, because I feel it's a fair way for me to evaluate myself. I'm still trying to learn how to ask for help. It's simple for other people, but it's the hardest shit for me. Funny, ain't it? lol.

SeventhSun: The reason why you do that is because you don't really relate to any of your friends and they are very likely to be too different from you.

And your paradoxical mindset. That sets you adrift towards fantasy and suchlike. Not that I am saying it is wrong, but I am just telling you why you are heading in that direction.

Either that or you have good friends, but you wonder if that is the kind of life you should be having. I still think the former is more likely and in any case, you set a higher standard for yourself and this is also where we are quite alike.

So saying, I once had a job in a warehouse for FedEx and because the management was arriving to inspect our premises we were explicitly told to always put on the lab coat when dissecting the semiconductors from their respective tubes.

And I wore it when it came to my turn, and walked around. Everyone was smiling saying "you look like a doctor!" and "you look really good!"

This MUST BE one of those times a man makes the coat and not the other way around.

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