Wednesday, 18 May 2011

X I didn't know.

Until this afternoon when I spoke to my Godfather about his problems, and got to realise how much I realy meant to him as a Godson. He had actually bore hope that I would be a successor in his then-business over his existing senior staff whom he felt were all but untrustworthy and parasitic.
Just when I thought he was only trying to offer me a job for a brief period of time before I moved on to something else.
The Sicilians have a joke on how the world is such a hard place and a man needs not one, but two fathers. I have never ever doubted it. I love you Dad, just like I love my other Dad. This is immaterial, but if life offers a second chance I will do my best and we will make it work.
It's always been my desire to provide and care for my two fathers no matter what happens. I jokingly reminded him to bless the acceleration of my eventual encounter with my benefactor so I could take care of them both earlier and better.
I love you Dad. You always keep your schemes to yourself, and that is what I hate so much about you.