Sunday, 29 May 2011

░▒▓█ I've always wanted to do this:

Schoolboy wins!

And I'm glad I did. The King of Fighters '98 - Ultimate Match was done on one credit with the lowest-tiered and largely-ignored characters in the game Ralf Jones, Chin Gentsai 鎮元斎 and Shingo Yabuki 矢吹真吾. AND, with EX Mode, a mode nobody really uses.

Why am I always so hellbent on opposing the laughable trends of the mainstream.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

▓█ A Glorious Night

I tried my hand at Super Turbo, was dismissed as an amateur by the old nerds before one of them with the egging of another decided to take me on. He thought I was easy game, but I was fortunate to prove to him otherwise. I also did NOT choose the classic Balrog this time as I wanted to try out other characters from of my preferred predecessor version that is Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. What happened was he took ST Vega, and in defeat he chose ST Ryu (how not shameless and very dignified), and took ST Vega again. I put in all that I could and was glad to show these rubbish up for what they are. The Ryu match was won when there was no life left on both characters and I pulled a knee on landing and was glad to see he actually got that and was defeated. Also notably in the last round of the third battle with Vega again I unconsciously or subconsciously pulled off an aerial fist when I my mind was aiming for an aerial leg stomp, that ended up being a finishing move that struck him out cold. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Hmm, I know I have some skills, even in M. Bison that I don't use very well, but I believe there was also a positive force guiding me in my plays. Well, I don't really enjoy playing against other people in fighting games, and so when he challenged me again I left. To play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I decided against my doubts to choose Juri even though I wasn't very confident with her, and what happened was I faced off against a 14 WINS Ryu user. Those tigers that come out at night sure are more fearsome than those cubs that come out in the day, but I tried my best anyway, and as he became a bit awkward with what I was doing, I was, able to overcome and defeat him. On the second round as well, that marked my win. It was a bit unexpected even to me, as I was only focused on doing my best and overcoming my disdain for Ryu and its users. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket And the payoff for my faith had me letting up no rounds against him. After this record-breaking by this bugger at the scene of the new game he or somebody else then challenged me using Guy this time, but at point I simply wasn't interested. I firmly decided that there's enough action for the night, and left the premises and then the mall altogether. To think that earlier on I felt I shouldn't go there. Ah sometimes feelings differ from reality, as my Godfather stressed to everyone in my younger days. I love you Juri, and in the game. I'm most happy to have done this using you. I was only going there for some games, I never thought this could happen with you but I don't complain against it coming true before my very eyes either. YES I DID IT WITH THE KOREAN GIRL!!!! AND AGAIN A DIME-A-DOZEN RYU SHOTO TRASH!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna use you more with Dan in the future. I'm sad Elena was not put in, but I think I love this game even more than ever that is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I thank heaven for overseeing these events. Photobucket I did this same Super on him on the first round. "That felt good didn't it? Anus face?" Photobucket Funny he was drawn in his original signature red outfit but in that degenerate game he is shown in blue and yellow.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

X I didn't know.

Until this afternoon when I spoke to my Godfather about his problems, and got to realise how much I realy meant to him as a Godson. He had actually bore hope that I would be a successor in his then-business over his existing senior staff whom he felt were all but untrustworthy and parasitic.
Just when I thought he was only trying to offer me a job for a brief period of time before I moved on to something else.
The Sicilians have a joke on how the world is such a hard place and a man needs not one, but two fathers. I have never ever doubted it. I love you Dad, just like I love my other Dad. This is immaterial, but if life offers a second chance I will do my best and we will make it work.
It's always been my desire to provide and care for my two fathers no matter what happens. I jokingly reminded him to bless the acceleration of my eventual encounter with my benefactor so I could take care of them both earlier and better.
I love you Dad. You always keep your schemes to yourself, and that is what I hate so much about you.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

░▒▓█ A Mad Imagination

I was thinking about people how they are being fat. I was wondering how they could actually be, and think they are not wrong. When I called them fat I could hear some of them saying "douche!" after their joint expressions of horror, like the response I get when I am a speaker in the ancient days in a coliseum before a packed audience - I see myself as a firm old scholarly man, holding a written piece of paper before me as I took the podium. Then I said "I would like to declare that you are all fat" and my accompanying expression in doing so would be that of weariness, stoniness and even a seething breath of indignation beneath my face.

The crowd would then be shocked in silence.

They would look ritually helpless and peer at me frowningly thinking "how could he say that". Some of them would be quiet and angry, but I didn't care. Because whenever I call them out on this social ill, I don't just do so for the sake of talking. I actually mean I want them to reflect and improve. Now that the thought of them still insisting their horizontal excesses was right it angers me even more.

"Very fat!" I shouted in a blood-curdling manner. "Diet!!!!!!!!"

These fat asses would mostly get angry with the person instead of themselves and resolving to address the longstanding issue. As I predicted, they are incapable of critical thinking. When you are fat it means you eat too much, you have low self-esteem AND, you are unwell. Why settle for the Rufus standard and ill-treat yourselves I wonder.

Then I thought if they are all duds like they are they should then be harpooned as a form of sport. I was thinking if I should do it alone or there is more fun with friends. Well, I know this sort of instrument is designed to be used on those huge whales, but I've always also fantasised harpooning these fatties as I shake my right fist and shout at them over and over to start running and to run faster. I thought the idea is nice. I also know that I can run 2.4 kilometres in just a little over 9 minutes and they can't outrun me when I rush at them laughing and shouting like an ancient Olympian warrior holding a javelin for the hunt. A hunter, yes. Redefined with more interesting targets.

Well never mind, I think I'm crazy hahahaha.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Signature Attacks

I'm not cool... I'm icy chill.

What a big and efficient refrigerator.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

░▒▓█ 5 Years with YouTube

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my account with YouTube.

Many thanks to everyone in the online world for the unprecedented gusher in the attendance rate on and for this very special day.

YouTube was a unique and fun experience when it was only barely started. At that time in 2006 was a positive myriad of commercials, music, serials, movies and games from users all over the world who signed up that allowed me the chance to see what I had missed other than reliving what I have already experienced. The company at that time also implemented a Director Program where in order to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes (or 10:55 in actuality) the keen user would have to apply in writing, supply the necessary credentials and most importantly, top it off by giving them a good reason why they should give it to him or her. Everyone who had an account wanted it, and as it was a case-by-case affair the wait for their approval or denial could last for days,  weeks or even months for some of the less-fortunate.

Needless to say I was one of those who got approved, and work began on full runs of some of those classic video games I enjoyed in my childhood.

Of course, over the course of half a decade as the novelty has eventually worn off and had stabilised to become the norm in the lives of the mainstream Internet users I've also personally seen lots of people come and go: people that helped me, people that remained staunch allies, people that were just wasting my time other than being of absolutely no value to anybody, people that were of no value, people that were of no value and people that were of no value. Among them was one unique user with a controversial moniker called IFuckedBritneySpears who offered polite and constructive advice, and would become one of the very few people I like as a person on the site, but he too was gone suddenly of his own volition, and so I had to accept it and move on.

Under the Sun all things are the same, or are they not? Let history be the judge.

I admit that in those days I was just a fun-seeking user who also happened to be green and immature as I was all over subscribers, comments and 5-star ratings where my videos are concerned. I happened to make a lot of friends from the video game community, most of which are unfortunately nerds, but more importantly when I partially-transitioned to fighting games I saw that most of them who were also my subscribers did not view or comment on them. They fell into silence. The one hard lesson I learnt about the market is that fighting games are more for the niche crowd, whereas the mainstream prefer the retro games they lived with in an earlier, more carefree part of their lives. However, I take their lack of appreciation (since fighting games are also video games notwithstanding) as an affront, and naturally, I went on later to remove 2000 of these deadweights (a tale I am most proud to share with people even until today) and fully retain the girls' loyal support and that of my allies and some friends who had also stuck by me during the various stages of my stay.

When the Director system was abolished in around 2008 I also saw my earlier-approved application for the right to upload long videos being withheld as well, and naturally I was furious when I saw that those less-talented users get to retain their lengthy uploading rights regardless. This and the constant fending-off of some annoying trolls was a bad time to be online, so I didn't get so involved and in the occasion that I did, since I realised I could no longer do long runs of those classic games that usually extend beyond close to 11 minutes I switched to doing brief matches from the various fighting games instead. This was probably when I got even more involved in the genre, played some matches online, brought my skills to reign offline and it took off from there. I still have the love for retro games but like the fighting games I'm not going to do them to please anybody. I do in whatever style I feel like it and I put them out whenever I want, in no sequential order.

And so this went on until something significant happened. Months before before my 5th Anniversary with the #1 video-hosting site I was glad to see that my rights as a Director (some even say Producer) have been properly reinstated by the staff's decision which I felt was fair and just, and weeks before the moment finally arrived I was also pleased to have a good friend offline I met in the arcades who added me. We are quite different, but I enjoy our theological exchanges nonetheless.

Despite all the unpleasantness I experienced I will continue supporting the account. I can and I will continue putting in my best in those games I touched, which is what you saw, even improving my skill along the way in my free time in an undying effort.

Studium, Perfectio, Praestantia

Ah a labour of love, to call it aptly.