Saturday, 12 March 2011

░▒▓█ Snake bites model’s breast then dies

Snake bites model’s breast then dies

Snake bites model's breast

A snake dies from silicone poisoning shortly after biting a model’s breast (Screencap from YouTube).

Orit Fox, the Israeli model and actress known for having the biggest breasts in the Middle East (and dozens of plastic surgeries), had her chest bitten by a snake while recording a radio program in Israel a few days ago.

During the photo shoot, Fox is first seen holding the snake up to her face while trying to kiss it. When she lowered the snake, it struck and caught hold of her breast.

The sudden and unexpected attack of the snake astonished the coaches who were supervising the stunt. Even Fox had no time to react.


According to media reports, the model had to be transported to the emergency room of a hospital in Hadera, north of Jerusalem, where she was treated by a team specialized in snake attacks.

The reptile allegedly died of silicone poisoning, from the model’s prosthesis, shortly after.

I am eternally amused at how much poison some people could voluntarily put into their bodies nowadays - a special investment - that could ironically kill even ferocious reptilian attackers on mere contact. The best defence is the best offence other than being left behind? In a different way I must say yes.

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