Friday, 25 February 2011

░▒▓█ Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a Corruption.

I think I played too much of this stupid outdated graphics and animation game. It's too much heat. The more I am into this, the more I am starting to lose my own values. I see these competitive nerds and rubbish trying by their schemes to lure me to their deplorable dark toilet side, and this is bad. This is a very similar feeling I got when I started in goodwill to know some people from the Super Turbo "community" weeks back, and it's bad. Let me remind everybody that other than whupping some of you flops with weak, useless and ignored characters I do love playing on solo ALSO against the computer on the highest difficulty with them as well no matter what and nobody's going to change it. It is time to return to the earlier superior game called Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. It is up to me to save myself from the social corruption plotted by these subversives, that I was good enough to see and sense early and quickly. Photobucket"We hate this game too actually," says Cammy. "Our original colours are gone, unless you're blind we do look like shit in this presentation - I'm only 16! - and I'm still the lowest-tiered character in the roster. Thanks for nothing Cap!" PhotobucketAlways the better game.