Wednesday, 5 January 2011

░▒▓█ Winning but still losing.

I look at these people in my mind, like the guy who created Charlie Brown, the Kung Fu Hustle actor-director who became a box office king in Hong Kong, those top high school nerds and I thought to myself, yes, they have achieved something, but it looks like for the most part they have managed to cause people to be attracted to their achievements, but not to them. I have also spoken to my friends before both local and foreign, on whether you'd choose to be an average or even poor guy with some opposite gender knowledge and understanding, or an extremely successful guy in academics and career but with little or none. All of them unfortunately echoed my view that the former is still a more a attractive option.

Also looking at the faces of some of those directors that desperately lit up when a pretty young thing would rise to approach the stage for the award... I am glad I made the decision a long long time ago to not sink to their level.

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