Saturday, 31 December 2011

░▒▓█ The Shortest Therapy Ever - New Year's Day

I try to hold back my laughter whenever I see all those apparent overachievers who have been carefully preserving their lives being extraordinarily mediocre in everything ever possible wait unitedly with bated breath for The End - 31st December - to end.

When it does they suddenly scream like they had found salvation and strength (other than their parents), becoming just as permanently recharged as their peers who came out of Anthony Robbins' motivational seminar.  The euphoria usually wears off in just a few hours and of course for the nostalgic extremists, one day.

Then they'd be wheeling themselves happily back to the same behaviour set that consists of whining, drinking, longing and of course crying that they're most familiar with.

- Life of a Butterfly -

Don't weep at my grave, for I am not there,
I've a date with a butterfly to dance in the air.
I'll be singing in the sunshine, wild and free,
Playing tag with the wind, while I'm waiting for thee.

My tears were that of laughter! While I'd be playing diamonds with Lucy in the sky. Like real.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

░▒▓█ My Christmas Presents

Around 7 minutes close to the concluding midnight a miracle happened: I decimated an Akuma user using the Dictator!!! I wanted the Super Original one, but unfortunately the controls on the opposite side are cranky, and it didn't come out.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

But it was good enough to let me do the job regardless, although I was still disappointed with the selection.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

It was a one token free-for-all fight against an elderly Asian guy and I gave my best.

The next piece of good news I want to share with you is a well-received comment on a web log entry on the rising popularity of people who need anger management on Facebook. It resulted in this web log receiving an incoming link too. Big thanks to the readers, and especially the author who made the decision.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Okay there'd be no more unintentional cosplaying of retired elderly statesmen having a good time with the people and the press in a public forum haha.

These are the priceless presents with a key ingredient money can't really buy - brains.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I mentioned to people that
a scene girl is not a girl shooting a scene
or makes a scene
but one that gives a scenic blowjob below the belt
in front of everyone.
Now that's a scene.

Monday, 29 August 2011

░▒▓█ The two moments that made me feel like a doctor.

As betrayed by these dialogues:

Case 1

SeventhSun (quoting Nintega the failure): "This SF (Hyper Anniversary Street Fighter II) game is near impossible. No way you couldn't have cheated - WAANGTHEZOMBIES 1 month ago"

Hahaha what a loser this ugly David "Nipplefuck" medina is.
Why don't this fat and ugly fuck just jump down? Why not?

Ellisthemechanic: It's obvious that he sucks at the game. I own Hyper Street Fighter II for the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the Sony PlayStation 2. The game is not that hard.

SevtnthSun: He needs to pray for a miracle to do it.

When that foul creature is being mentioned you'd find that both sides of the ongoing nature versus nurture debate would all throw their hands up and quietly vacate the arena.

This is because he single-handedly defies both in the question of the human will to succeed. Unless it's in failing, but that reverse style that involves masochism is a psychiatric issue and we'd talk about that later.

I think even Freud would end up strangling this repulsive case subject to death in frustration.

Case 2

FreedomFighterLance: Man, I have 2 years left as an undergraduate degree, and that's if I pass all of my classes from now on. I failed 2 classes last Fall because I got all emo and shit and didn't ask for help. I'm kicking myself now for not letting go of my pride and asking for help when I need it. I have this urge to always do everything on my own, even if it means I do worst than most people, because I feel it's a fair way for me to evaluate myself. I'm still trying to learn how to ask for help. It's simple for other people, but it's the hardest shit for me. Funny, ain't it? lol.

SeventhSun: The reason why you do that is because you don't really relate to any of your friends and they are very likely to be too different from you.

And your paradoxical mindset. That sets you adrift towards fantasy and suchlike. Not that I am saying it is wrong, but I am just telling you why you are heading in that direction.

Either that or you have good friends, but you wonder if that is the kind of life you should be having. I still think the former is more likely and in any case, you set a higher standard for yourself and this is also where we are quite alike.

So saying, I once had a job in a warehouse for FedEx and because the management was arriving to inspect our premises we were explicitly told to always put on the lab coat when dissecting the semiconductors from their respective tubes.

And I wore it when it came to my turn, and walked around. Everyone was smiling saying "you look like a doctor!" and "you look really good!"

This MUST BE one of those times a man makes the coat and not the other way around.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

░▒▓█ Nerd Motivation

HiRisk808 @PerfectLegend that's what usually happens when ppl come back from #evo2k. You want to become better and better win or lose.

This next minger is funny.

These nerds who go to Las Vegas to play video games are just no different from the multitudes of underachievers coming out of Anthony Robbins' seminar.

They suddenly feel anything is possible and they want to take down the world.

Hahahahahahahaha it's so funny I'm crying!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

░▒▓█ I've always wanted to do this:

Schoolboy wins!

And I'm glad I did. The King of Fighters '98 - Ultimate Match was done on one credit with the lowest-tiered and largely-ignored characters in the game Ralf Jones, Chin Gentsai 鎮元斎 and Shingo Yabuki 矢吹真吾. AND, with EX Mode, a mode nobody really uses.

Why am I always so hellbent on opposing the laughable trends of the mainstream.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

▓█ A Glorious Night

I tried my hand at Super Turbo, was dismissed as an amateur by the old nerds before one of them with the egging of another decided to take me on. He thought I was easy game, but I was fortunate to prove to him otherwise. I also did NOT choose the classic Balrog this time as I wanted to try out other characters from of my preferred predecessor version that is Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. What happened was he took ST Vega, and in defeat he chose ST Ryu (how not shameless and very dignified), and took ST Vega again. I put in all that I could and was glad to show these rubbish up for what they are. The Ryu match was won when there was no life left on both characters and I pulled a knee on landing and was glad to see he actually got that and was defeated. Also notably in the last round of the third battle with Vega again I unconsciously or subconsciously pulled off an aerial fist when I my mind was aiming for an aerial leg stomp, that ended up being a finishing move that struck him out cold. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Hmm, I know I have some skills, even in M. Bison that I don't use very well, but I believe there was also a positive force guiding me in my plays. Well, I don't really enjoy playing against other people in fighting games, and so when he challenged me again I left. To play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I decided against my doubts to choose Juri even though I wasn't very confident with her, and what happened was I faced off against a 14 WINS Ryu user. Those tigers that come out at night sure are more fearsome than those cubs that come out in the day, but I tried my best anyway, and as he became a bit awkward with what I was doing, I was, able to overcome and defeat him. On the second round as well, that marked my win. It was a bit unexpected even to me, as I was only focused on doing my best and overcoming my disdain for Ryu and its users. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket And the payoff for my faith had me letting up no rounds against him. After this record-breaking by this bugger at the scene of the new game he or somebody else then challenged me using Guy this time, but at point I simply wasn't interested. I firmly decided that there's enough action for the night, and left the premises and then the mall altogether. To think that earlier on I felt I shouldn't go there. Ah sometimes feelings differ from reality, as my Godfather stressed to everyone in my younger days. I love you Juri, and in the game. I'm most happy to have done this using you. I was only going there for some games, I never thought this could happen with you but I don't complain against it coming true before my very eyes either. YES I DID IT WITH THE KOREAN GIRL!!!! AND AGAIN A DIME-A-DOZEN RYU SHOTO TRASH!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna use you more with Dan in the future. I'm sad Elena was not put in, but I think I love this game even more than ever that is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. I thank heaven for overseeing these events. Photobucket I did this same Super on him on the first round. "That felt good didn't it? Anus face?" Photobucket Funny he was drawn in his original signature red outfit but in that degenerate game he is shown in blue and yellow.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

X I didn't know.

Until this afternoon when I spoke to my Godfather about his problems, and got to realise how much I realy meant to him as a Godson. He had actually bore hope that I would be a successor in his then-business over his existing senior staff whom he felt were all but untrustworthy and parasitic.
Just when I thought he was only trying to offer me a job for a brief period of time before I moved on to something else.
The Sicilians have a joke on how the world is such a hard place and a man needs not one, but two fathers. I have never ever doubted it. I love you Dad, just like I love my other Dad. This is immaterial, but if life offers a second chance I will do my best and we will make it work.
It's always been my desire to provide and care for my two fathers no matter what happens. I jokingly reminded him to bless the acceleration of my eventual encounter with my benefactor so I could take care of them both earlier and better.
I love you Dad. You always keep your schemes to yourself, and that is what I hate so much about you.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

░▒▓█ A Mad Imagination

I was thinking about people how they are being fat. I was wondering how they could actually be, and think they are not wrong. When I called them fat I could hear some of them saying "douche!" after their joint expressions of horror, like the response I get when I am a speaker in the ancient days in a coliseum before a packed audience - I see myself as a firm old scholarly man, holding a written piece of paper before me as I took the podium. Then I said "I would like to declare that you are all fat" and my accompanying expression in doing so would be that of weariness, stoniness and even a seething breath of indignation beneath my face.

The crowd would then be shocked in silence.

They would look ritually helpless and peer at me frowningly thinking "how could he say that". Some of them would be quiet and angry, but I didn't care. Because whenever I call them out on this social ill, I don't just do so for the sake of talking. I actually mean I want them to reflect and improve. Now that the thought of them still insisting their horizontal excesses was right it angers me even more.

"Very fat!" I shouted in a blood-curdling manner. "Diet!!!!!!!!"

These fat asses would mostly get angry with the person instead of themselves and resolving to address the longstanding issue. As I predicted, they are incapable of critical thinking. When you are fat it means you eat too much, you have low self-esteem AND, you are unwell. Why settle for the Rufus standard and ill-treat yourselves I wonder.

Then I thought if they are all duds like they are they should then be harpooned as a form of sport. I was thinking if I should do it alone or there is more fun with friends. Well, I know this sort of instrument is designed to be used on those huge whales, but I've always also fantasised harpooning these fatties as I shake my right fist and shout at them over and over to start running and to run faster. I thought the idea is nice. I also know that I can run 2.4 kilometres in just a little over 9 minutes and they can't outrun me when I rush at them laughing and shouting like an ancient Olympian warrior holding a javelin for the hunt. A hunter, yes. Redefined with more interesting targets.

Well never mind, I think I'm crazy hahahaha.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Signature Attacks

I'm not cool... I'm icy chill.

What a big and efficient refrigerator.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

░▒▓█ 5 Years with YouTube

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my account with YouTube.

Many thanks to everyone in the online world for the unprecedented gusher in the attendance rate on and for this very special day.

YouTube was a unique and fun experience when it was only barely started. At that time in 2006 was a positive myriad of commercials, music, serials, movies and games from users all over the world who signed up that allowed me the chance to see what I had missed other than reliving what I have already experienced. The company at that time also implemented a Director Program where in order to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes (or 10:55 in actuality) the keen user would have to apply in writing, supply the necessary credentials and most importantly, top it off by giving them a good reason why they should give it to him or her. Everyone who had an account wanted it, and as it was a case-by-case affair the wait for their approval or denial could last for days,  weeks or even months for some of the less-fortunate.

Needless to say I was one of those who got approved, and work began on full runs of some of those classic video games I enjoyed in my childhood.

Of course, over the course of half a decade as the novelty has eventually worn off and had stabilised to become the norm in the lives of the mainstream Internet users I've also personally seen lots of people come and go: people that helped me, people that remained staunch allies, people that were just wasting my time other than being of absolutely no value to anybody, people that were of no value, people that were of no value and people that were of no value. Among them was one unique user with a controversial moniker called IFuckedBritneySpears who offered polite and constructive advice, and would become one of the very few people I like as a person on the site, but he too was gone suddenly of his own volition, and so I had to accept it and move on.

Under the Sun all things are the same, or are they not? Let history be the judge.

I admit that in those days I was just a fun-seeking user who also happened to be green and immature as I was all over subscribers, comments and 5-star ratings where my videos are concerned. I happened to make a lot of friends from the video game community, most of which are unfortunately nerds, but more importantly when I partially-transitioned to fighting games I saw that most of them who were also my subscribers did not view or comment on them. They fell into silence. The one hard lesson I learnt about the market is that fighting games are more for the niche crowd, whereas the mainstream prefer the retro games they lived with in an earlier, more carefree part of their lives. However, I take their lack of appreciation (since fighting games are also video games notwithstanding) as an affront, and naturally, I went on later to remove 2000 of these deadweights (a tale I am most proud to share with people even until today) and fully retain the girls' loyal support and that of my allies and some friends who had also stuck by me during the various stages of my stay.

When the Director system was abolished in around 2008 I also saw my earlier-approved application for the right to upload long videos being withheld as well, and naturally I was furious when I saw that those less-talented users get to retain their lengthy uploading rights regardless. This and the constant fending-off of some annoying trolls was a bad time to be online, so I didn't get so involved and in the occasion that I did, since I realised I could no longer do long runs of those classic games that usually extend beyond close to 11 minutes I switched to doing brief matches from the various fighting games instead. This was probably when I got even more involved in the genre, played some matches online, brought my skills to reign offline and it took off from there. I still have the love for retro games but like the fighting games I'm not going to do them to please anybody. I do in whatever style I feel like it and I put them out whenever I want, in no sequential order.

And so this went on until something significant happened. Months before before my 5th Anniversary with the #1 video-hosting site I was glad to see that my rights as a Director (some even say Producer) have been properly reinstated by the staff's decision which I felt was fair and just, and weeks before the moment finally arrived I was also pleased to have a good friend offline I met in the arcades who added me. We are quite different, but I enjoy our theological exchanges nonetheless.

Despite all the unpleasantness I experienced I will continue supporting the account. I can and I will continue putting in my best in those games I touched, which is what you saw, even improving my skill along the way in my free time in an undying effort.

Studium, Perfectio, Praestantia

Ah a labour of love, to call it aptly.

Friday, 29 April 2011

░▒▓█ I broke precedent!!

Photobucket Proposal Photobucket Response Usually the number of likes are about 3 but just a little over last night it was a big 4 for the first time in my shining career of reaching out to the sarcastic heartbeat. In a meaningful and non-sarcastic way as I've always promised and delivered of course. Definitely.

░▒▓█ Orthorexia: Do you suffer from it?

** For starters orthorexia is simply a mental condition directly linked to an obsession with justice eating.

Well, do you?

What I'd confess is this:


Sunday, 24 April 2011

▒▓█ Let me save you.

Save me from the hell people made in this world. The earth that has went far to destructions and war, greed and lust, sex and drugs…
Let me be the hero for this world. But first save me, save my soul from the steel bar temptations of evil and I will save the world before it is too late...

... Words of a drunken hero cosplayer asking for bail money after cops responded briefly to his gallant attempt at social activism.

Well, I will consider saving you just to see you be a hero. Saints often love providing for and spectating martyrs.

Maybe not today :D

Saturday, 23 April 2011

░▒▓█ The ground is not sweet.

Anyone who has licked it knows. We are not growing sweet corn either, and neither are the streets paved with them or any imported sugar crops for that matter.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

░▒▓█ Lamentation

It is such a great pity that those very people who had heaped genuine praise on my command of the English language in the past, would also end up to be the ones that I am most incapable of accepting, be it differences in political ideology or just perspectives.

I do think about them every now and then, and like Rockman X standing alone on the cliff after the destruction, I often wonder if this is all meant to be, or there is actually another better way to handle these things.

Well in any case, a sense of regretful* loss is undeniable.

*regretful is used only in an official context to suit the posture of the otherwise-literal reflection because on further consideration I see absolutely nothing wrong being committed on my part.

Monday, 11 April 2011

★★ Memorable piece from Tun Dr. Mahathir

Said Mr. Pro Modern White Paper: At one time I was the one who criticised the government. I was alone. Nobody supported me. That was in those good old days. We always talk about "good old days", but actually the old days were not so good. Photobucket So close.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

░▒▓█ I can't believe my Godfather, or can I?

When I told him of my desire to visit North Korea he said I do actually look a bit Korean, and he asked his friends, who actually also agreed.

Is that so? Is that a good thing?

I don't know what this means haha.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

░▒▓█ I can't kick the habit

This is something I like to do every now and then: Photobucket No rounds were given to this dump that proudly lay next to his similarly-dead lover. Photobucket And I still like doing it.

Friday, 1 April 2011

░▒▓█ Spitz - 運命の人

バスの揺れ方で人生の意味が 解かった日曜日
でもさ 君は運命の人だから 強く手を握るよ
ここにいるのは 優しいだけじゃなく 偉大な獣

愛はコンビニでも買えるけれど もう少し探そうよ
変な下着に夢がはじけて たたき合って笑うよ
余計な事は しすぎるほどいいよ 扉開けたら

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
悪あがきでも 呼吸しながら 君を乗せて行く
汚れた靴で 通り過ぎるのさ
自力で見つけよう 神様

晴れて望み通り投げたボールが 向こう岸に届いた
いつも もらいあくびした後で 涙目 茜空
悲しい話は 消えないけれど もっと輝く明日!!

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
恥ずかしくても まるでダメでも かっこつけて行く
I NEED YOUー いつか つまづいた時には
横にいるから ふらつきながら 二人で見つけよう

神様 神様 神様 君となら…
このまま このまま このまま 君となら…

走る 遥か この地球の果てまで
悪あがきでも 呼吸しながら 君を乗せて行く
汚れた靴で 通り過ぎるのさ
自力で見つけよう 神様


Saturday, 12 March 2011

░▒▓█ Snake bites model’s breast then dies

Snake bites model’s breast then dies

Snake bites model's breast

A snake dies from silicone poisoning shortly after biting a model’s breast (Screencap from YouTube).

Orit Fox, the Israeli model and actress known for having the biggest breasts in the Middle East (and dozens of plastic surgeries), had her chest bitten by a snake while recording a radio program in Israel a few days ago.

During the photo shoot, Fox is first seen holding the snake up to her face while trying to kiss it. When she lowered the snake, it struck and caught hold of her breast.

The sudden and unexpected attack of the snake astonished the coaches who were supervising the stunt. Even Fox had no time to react.


According to media reports, the model had to be transported to the emergency room of a hospital in Hadera, north of Jerusalem, where she was treated by a team specialized in snake attacks.

The reptile allegedly died of silicone poisoning, from the model’s prosthesis, shortly after.

I am eternally amused at how much poison some people could voluntarily put into their bodies nowadays - a special investment - that could ironically kill even ferocious reptilian attackers on mere contact. The best defence is the best offence other than being left behind? In a different way I must say yes.

Friday, 25 February 2011

I was approached by a joke player.

In an arcade play yesterday I came across the usual bunch of clowns and losers (they are those same Asians I see everytime sadly), and one of them that I spoke to with a goodwill handshake weeks ago started approaching me about this Super Street Fighter II Turbo game. We had a conversation about it, he talked about the Internet links he accessed to get better and all, offered them to me, and I even offered to play him a few times just to try him out. From the total experience of our encounter last night I can surmise the following:

1 - That he's a nonsense no-life nerd like them all who started playing this game since '94 when they were kids. And even now when they're old and jaded white-collar salarymen taking their status literally to the game center after peak hours on not some, but most nights.

2 - He's a percentage player just like them no matter what he says.

3 - The percentage clique that he belongs to as I thought is conceited despite their nondescript uniform character adoption and styles.

4 - Despite being seemingly good at Super Turbo he feels to my surprise, crushed at my simple proposition of buying a Super Turbo arcade machine (which also means he can't afford it). Tells a lot.

The only thing I agree with the British otaku ghetto-game whore Rakurai is that ultimately, in any game, you are your own teacher. As regards to learning curve I'm still a bit uncertain, but for now mainly I'd just say I don't like being told what to do, especially by people whom I suspect are laughably in the end your same unobjective and the tried and proven majority rule types. And what's there to improve for a game of no-profit? And when it is a game. If using those shotos and high-tiered characters (even hilariously at Turbo 1) is what it takes to be a pro pro pro, then I won't want to be one.

I'd do things my best and in my own way.

░▒▓█ Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a Corruption.

I think I played too much of this stupid outdated graphics and animation game. It's too much heat. The more I am into this, the more I am starting to lose my own values. I see these competitive nerds and rubbish trying by their schemes to lure me to their deplorable dark toilet side, and this is bad. This is a very similar feeling I got when I started in goodwill to know some people from the Super Turbo "community" weeks back, and it's bad. Let me remind everybody that other than whupping some of you flops with weak, useless and ignored characters I do love playing on solo ALSO against the computer on the highest difficulty with them as well no matter what and nobody's going to change it. It is time to return to the earlier superior game called Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. It is up to me to save myself from the social corruption plotted by these subversives, that I was good enough to see and sense early and quickly. Photobucket"We hate this game too actually," says Cammy. "Our original colours are gone, unless you're blind we do look like shit in this presentation - I'm only 16! - and I'm still the lowest-tiered character in the roster. Thanks for nothing Cap!" PhotobucketAlways the better game.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

░▒▓█ I received my own copy of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii!

Finally, I received my very own new US/NTSC copy of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii today! It couldn't get any better than this: Photobucket No it could actually get better than this. Despite it being in factory shrinkwrap the manual was in a slightly imperfect (slight rip at the base and a curve on the top right) condition as well as the booket (where at the top AND bottom right there are bits of a squarish tear!!!). Photobucket But oh well, this is just an intended backup copy for reading and touching and all, so I don't want to care too much even though its not that cheap to begin with either. So having opened it up and seen through everything I hope the Japanese copy would be better even though I have similar encounters with new imports in the past too. It's still a mystery as to why I cared as Nintendo had one day ordered a recall of ALL the Play-It-Loud Game Boys (including transparent that I really wanted) from the country's retailers in 2000 when I finally had the money to buy at least two of them to play and keep as memorabilia. Perhaps this is a life lesson that has to be taught when I was growing up on what is common sense as well as the great incredible folly of "brand loyalty" helpless and stupid consumers subscribe to despite even getting burned by the very things that they support. It is not my destiny to dare to be stupid like these people, and I think after looking at everything today I will cut the spending budget currently set aside for gaming electronics by at least 50% and not be too keen in looking for those vintage games (where I have managed by good fortune to find so many of them that I am actually pretty happy and by all standards I should also feel fulfilled and truly satisfied already).

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

░▒▓█ Thank you for the views!!!


This is certainly an unexpected development, beating out all the other previous pinnacles even. The web log is not fully done and totally developed so I hope you'd be patient as I try to organise everything together.

Monday, 7 February 2011

░▒▓█ My Latest Balrog Win!!!

I did it against an online player from Japan. After trashing his Sagat with Super Original M. Bison he got hurt and resorted to using Dee Jay. I cut him some slack with the same character, and without resorting to Super Original Sagat or even Ryu or Ken, and in the end, I had to use Super Original Balrog to teach him a good lesson. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket He had to force my hand. Then he devolved with Ryu, he lost again (no pictures or video as the running and recording quality are crap) and I decided to say Goodnight. ... I'm so young and talented! I can't believe it!! God tell me this isn't true.

Monday, 24 January 2011

░▒▓█ God's Promise

"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way."
Anonymous (grateful unknown)

Hmm, that's how sucky he is.

░▒▓█ God's Promise

"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way."
Anonymous (grateful unknown)

Hmm, that's how sucky he is.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

░▒▓█ My First Dan Victory for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition!!!

On the 22nd day of January in the year 2011. At 10:43 pm. History has made a stamp on the anus face of mankind... Photobucket Asia is doomed as I have arrived. Photobucket The all-too-familiar sound that would come with the magnificently abbreviated wording. While congratulating myself on my daring and supremacy after realising what I have actually done I am excited to share with you this great thing that came out of my first-day attempt at Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and my first crack at Dan against those pro pro pros (self-supporters of themselves becoming professional prostitutes) in the city central arcade at night where many of the best fugly nerds and geeks in the country gather to fight. These pictures cost a heartbreaking 50 cents, but the sincere efforts put in make them priceless. Who supports the low and lowest-tiered characters in all these games? Me. ☆ I am happy to announce that in my first crack at Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition I did a Dan win against a player using Feilong in the arcade central where many of the best nerds in the country gather to fight. Pictures are on the web log. Who supports the low and lowest-tiered characters in all these games? --> Me. Oh and some of those Asians there are horrible and retarded enough to call me an "idiot" and to give their equally dumb friends an assessment of my Dan behind my back when I only used him less than 5 times, let alone being the ONLY ONE who is willing and daring enough to use him in the arcades. These really ugly faggots can all suck my cock hard and then go fuck themselves. And let alone all of the other games that I play and the other things in life. This is the reason why I don't like to associate with these failures, even those similar rubbish from Japan and the West. They are all pretty much the same actually. I won't want to limit myself with their small brain space mentality, get worse in consequence and finally, sink to their low level. I saw the danger many times and therefore I wanted to stay out. I want to enjoy things and do them my way with my own ways of thinking that are unconstrained by other people. I notice that other than the obvious and strong characters these low and ugly rot of society only use their bladder mouths - they are actually pretty useless other than being inferior and as I use Dan I am already better than them, let alone getting even a win with this character. Earlier on I missed out on a chance against a Sakura user. But maybe it is destined that it be done against a higher and worthier opponent. And a Super Finish heh heh heh. It's all good and I like it. Photobucket Keeyah!!! Photobucket Feilong looks eerily to me like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat especially when he's falling. Photobucket I like the look of his uppercut that shoots swiftly up into the air. Shoryu Cannon is a good name to call it (Dan > Sean). And it's just too bad his vitality was too low to stand for a full-fledged beating of the often-underestimated Saikyo style. Photobucket There! It's done all the same. Photobucket "I did it koshujin-sama" says Dan to his user (erm, Me). Yahahaha! Photobucket There's my Dan. Photobucket The grades are not shown, but that's not because I was shy or anything. Photobucket There! You get to see them after all. I'm so young and talented!!! Good fight! It is said that the tigers that come out at night are much more ferocious than during the day, but I managed to properly whack one of them with a low-tiered character in the end. Photobucket 《武松打虎》 Hmm, he's cool, but I'm much better-looking and braver than this countryside hero Wu Song because I also beat one at night :P I remember once in class where my Mandarin teacher in his fondness of me took an opportunity to make fun of me by stating my name as the true tiger beater and everyone laughed. I think I can finally report to him I that beat one up real good. So saying, I did it. No comparison with me, but even though Dan is a lock-on joke character and behaves very clownishly but he enjoys life being one and doesn't take it too seriously. Way unlike the Asian nerds and geeks at the arcades. There are good qualities you can also learn from regarding these low-tier characters. Photobucket Blah blah blah Jap. See you again!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

░▒▓█ I feel grateful.

If national representatives from the various factions past and present including also a working class personnel have voiced their approval in concurrence of what they thought about my sincere character and my relation skills then all the other material achievements don't matter too much.

Trivia: The beach is a good special friend of mine and there was even once when I brought a pillow with me to the sands to fall my head on in case I feel so dazzled by the stars and the moon and feel so relaxed into the atmosphere that I give in and fall asleep (and I actually did). The sounds of the sea just a backflip away are my music. My true music.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

░▒▓█ The Little Difference Betwen You and Me

You are more explorative, whereas I am more penetrative. :P

Surface versus the Core. Who wins?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

░▒▓█ Winning but still losing.

I look at these people in my mind, like the guy who created Charlie Brown, the Kung Fu Hustle actor-director who became a box office king in Hong Kong, those top high school nerds and I thought to myself, yes, they have achieved something, but it looks like for the most part they have managed to cause people to be attracted to their achievements, but not to them. I have also spoken to my friends before both local and foreign, on whether you'd choose to be an average or even poor guy with some opposite gender knowledge and understanding, or an extremely successful guy in academics and career but with little or none. All of them unfortunately echoed my view that the former is still a more a attractive option.

Also looking at the faces of some of those directors that desperately lit up when a pretty young thing would rise to approach the stage for the award... I am glad I made the decision a long long time ago to not sink to their level.