Saturday, 31 July 2010

░▒▓█ Multitasking

A scene from an old comic strip. A senior fireman
had to put out the fire as well as answer a call the
occupant's phone at the same time.

Look carefully at the depiction. If it were in the old days like during the 70s and 80s, people on glancing at this bit, would scratch their heads laugh uproariously. But if people in the post 00s were to look at this... they would just keep quiet, or some among them who are trying to be a sport would put out, a forced chuckle. It is no longer funny, because for many of them they could resonate with this that has become a new reality for them that they have no choice but to accept.

All because of Bush.

The warmongering demon man vagina.

This form of new age slavery is blatantly the idea of capitalists in arrogant Western imperialist Amerikkka trying yet again another twisted way from their diseased minds to optimise the commercial exploitation of their own people under the directives of no one other than their equally-sick warmongering demonic money-faced leader Bush who also wants to force this terrible idea on as many other countries as possible.

The people under our guidance have annihilated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defence and foster-mother for the sake of their own advantage which is inseparably bound up with the well-being of the people. Nowadays, with the destruction of the aristocracy, the people have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers. - Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

It is heartening to come into the knowledge that socialist countries like North Korea and Cuba, and humble countries like Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, under the loyal care and love of their respective leaders, do not impose this kind of a foreign evil thing against the free will of their workers. Contrarily, their fairly and democratically-elected representatives of the political up to this day still strongly believe in the good old-fashioned values of work not becoming life, and that of the old math, where 1 person should be paid for just doing one person's job, not 3 to 5 persons' for one person's at the same or even if audaciously, a lower wage.

There are also rumours coming from informed sources that Bush himself had in his leisure attempted some multitasking in order to publicly decry its psychologically-devastating effect on the commoners at a later stage, with the oft-repeated words that most-aptly described the outcome of his hypocritical and villainous attempts being no other than the all-too-familiar 'fail' and 'facepalm'.

Their leader had failed the very test he had maliciously and heartlessly decreed upon them.

We must fight him and his demonic clique for the future of our people!!!


Monday, 26 July 2010

░▒▓█ 無價之寶 – Priceless Treasure

Cost of the game Money Puzzle Exchanger for the MVS arcade cabinet:


Cost of striking an outcome like THIS and on the hardest difficulty:

P R I C E L E S S  ~

I will, my in-game dear girl. You are always being overshadowed by the main girl, and that's why I'd almost always use you.

░▒▓█ Neo Geo - Money Face Puzzle Exchanger at Level 8 - Debtmiser Vs Nightdealer

Halley's Comet. This phenomenon that occurs once in 76 years is what I feel about victories like this, that I will always personally treasure.

Friday, 23 July 2010

░▒▓█ Cultural Interview: Should you choose to accept this mission

Interviewer: Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

Erm, Funky Banana.

░▒▓█ An Unsanitised Parody of Wild Boys by Duran Duran

Fat Fucks

Fat fucks
Fat fucks
Fat fucks

Fat fucks


Those fatty fucks are calling
On the way back from their lunch
In August moons surrender to
The fatness of it all

Fat fucks fallen far from glory
Reckless and so hungry
On the burgers' edge they trail
Because there're soldiers by the roadside
In a food deficit world

We tried to break them
Looks like we'll try again

Fat fucks never lose it
Fat fucks never chose our way
Fat fucks never close your eyes
Fat fucks never shine

They got trainers for a welcome
There's diet on the plan
And their telephones' been ringing while
They're rolling in the rain

Fat fucks wonder where is glory
Where is all the fast food
And the calories ain't fell
These fatties war with soup spoons
Over secret recipes

We tried to tame them
Looks like we'll try again

Fat fucks never lose it
Fat fucks never chose our way
Fat fucks never close your eyes
Fat fucks never shine

This is just for fun. Don't cry and jump down. And don't panic.

The first nickname I have given the fat, the bad and the ugly all rolled in one in the birth defective David Medina, also known as a troll in PC Engine forums and on YouTube as NipplefuckTega - Burnov.

Roast Pig Ladies and Gents, that is Rufus, my second nickname for the yeah the fat, the bad and the ugly one.

Even the wastrel Earthquake has a bit more value than that fat useless coward and a persistent flop.

Hahaha. That Evil Boar when he's finally dead, by none other than its own pig-brained stupidity.

░▒▓█ Cultural Interview: Casting couch

Interviewer: If your life was made into a movie, who would you want to play the leading role? What about the other major characters in your life?

Very good question. I would love to play the role of a tireless provider and servant of the People. And in my neverending goal to make sure that they are safe, balanced and happy there would be of course, a supporting cast that lovingly keep things in clockwork running order in the full belief and confidence of what I do in all seasons under the Sun and Moon. Let me in my liberty introduce them to all of you. First, here is Ivanov, an overenthusiastic General whom I knew from our days in the army who worked his way up all the way from Lance Corporal and has a dead-on sense of duty and loyalty, ahem, to me, and is the proud leader of the shield squadron that oversees the well-being and maintenance, of the gulags.

Next here is my benefactor the prominent businessman Mr. Johnson. Also my good friend whom I also expressively allow conducting business operations on this reclusive land I now reside.

Next is this lovely sexy brainy beauty I am touching on the shoulder named Elaine Chan, a cultural arts and information minister I personally elected at post high-school age after seeing her good academic grades and potential. She is specially brought in by me to help bring colour into people's lives reinstalling the lost traditions and styles of our Dragon Clan with great and almost absolute independence on tapping her mind reservoir of creativity in our efforts at educating the masses - provided of of course, she keeps the main objectives and especially me in mind if you understand what I mean. She loves painting and philosophical discussions and she is always in native mode and is ever polite, gentle and obedient to my wishes.

Her shy beautiful friend here that I am grabbing haha I mean holding by the hand is, well just call her Stacey. She is of the same age as Elaine but only a month younger, and she is also young, lovely, and has a good figure, and on top of that she has a sense of music and art that is as deep as the sparkling ocean and serves as my confidante, servant, musician, video game partner and doubles up as a storyteller at night. Like E she is always and forever wearing only her own skin.

Okay, give me the time while I give these two precious roses a kiss each. Alright I'm done. Let's go on.

This wise-looking, sad and quiet old man is Jin Zhao, an intellectual elder who would be my adviser and chief librarian (modern people may laugh in ignorance but it is an important appointment in the old days and I share the ancient love and respect for books).

Here we have Kawazumi Ezo, a... Oh my apologies, it is a dog.

Next we have Dr. Alfons, a crazed but kind doctor and scientist (with successful reverse-engineered hair) who is in charge of all rfid, implant, development technologies and mans an around-the-clock surveillance team with supercomputers to track and monitor the good and innocent masses of this land.

Last but not least we have a still-sleepy, good-looking vainglorious man with still impressive just-woke-up hair slouching and holding a can of lemon soda wondering what happened who lives like a God, and is even rumoured to be thinner, that is Me, also a fun-loving and caring sweet boy who is always trying and working his best to help and regulate the ways of the working class and the common people with his gentle charms, and absolute force and devastating tantrums when the former sometimes fails against their obstinacy.

It feels great to be in power, and in the knowledge that those commoners are being controlled and benignly oppressed and mind-directed for but their own good. Life is beautiful.

Here, have an apple, and smile. I SAID TAKE IT, AND WITH GREAT CHEER!!!


Hmm, that's more like it.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

░▒▓█ Boys and Girls

personne ordinaire 001: You do pick too. People aren't together unless both chooses to be with the other. Except in cases of abuse and the person can't seem to find a way out.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): That also counts as togetherness.

personne ordinaire 002: And that's the whole point - the video is NOT making fun of 'misogynists'. You STILL don't know what the word means. It means people who have a deep seated clinical hatred and loathing of women. It means people who have a deep seated clinical hatred and loathing of women.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): Oh I thought you were describing gays, geeks and nerds of the Big L fraternity hahaha.

personne ordinaire 003:This series of videos should be shown in life education classes at all schools. So many problems would be solved if only women knew their place. Women should concentrate on what they are good at, being a REAL woman, not a PRETEND man.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): Can you not be so obvious and politically-incorrect and hurt people's feelings? I for one almost cried because of you.

Truth be told, I enjoy being born as a man. A real man. It's a godsend, no puns. Warriors rule. And not just that, but also because, there are just so many toys and girls to control and play with aaahhhh... and those idiots to hit on the head with my shoe before I gently drive them off the tip of the planet one by one if not also their sanity and their well-being beforehand... these fun and exciting thoughts always make me happy.

░▒▓█ Even After.

Even after he falls and dies, the blog post will still stand, and the videos will still be put up.

I do this because I love the game, and I am happy to beat it with leaders of the poorest attributes. It is all between me and the game. NO ONE ELSE.

And I could give a damn about garbage board game and RPG geeks and those imperialist dumps and all those all-out inferior rubbish as to challenge them is to challenge how much I can laugh with tears rolling from my eyes.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

░▒▓█ Mongol Conquest Challenge in Genghis Khan II

Yes I am proud and happy to share with you that it has indeed been met. What was supposed to be an outing with good friends turned a little awry when heavy torrential rains set in (no puns, but I love the rain) and almost all of us decided to stay indoors after class was done.

Remembering what a user had said about the game I enjoyed for the PC and later the Super Nintendo Entertainment System I thought I could use the time to give it a spin.

Memories were evoked, and in a few hours using the supposedly-weakest ruler Togoru Khan I managed to unite the warring and separatist Mongolian tribes in a game time of 15 years.

All lands are claimed even though his words covered part of them
, in the midst of an unimpressive market rate.

So there you go, the Mongol leader with the least attributes uniting and pursuing the Mongolian Dream. He is still alive, healthy, and he doesn't need an adviser all this while.

I rejected the average as he is too ugly haha. Kidding.

Finally, the beautiful news that is to written in all future history books and encyclopaedias of good repute.

Yeah, maybe some of you might debate the time period taken in-game, but well, blame it on the long alliances with the other tribes:

A long, cosy alliance.

Well, this may be a bit silly on my part but in a competitive playing field I generally feel that friendship and offers of alliance from other factions should NOT be turned down, EVEN IF some of these friend invites are extremely long peacemaking contracts (like 8 years, argh, but you'd also never know what happens next), and so long as I manage to meet my personal objectives I really don't care how long that is, if any of you that are critics invariably on anti-depressant medication were to choose to think negatively about it. It's great enough for me, so, too bad.

What a silly question.

First question (although it is not necessary for me for find one to fill in the appointment)

Dream Team 2010

Let's go!!!

A new chapter beckons.

Band of Brothers.

First warrior recruited (that I made son-in-law before the other greats came along).

First scholar recruited.

Second scholar recruited.

░▒▓█ A comment that made my day

"Some forms of punishment are used in order to teach and insure that both people and dogs will not make those mistakes again."

Bravo. I heard the birds chirping and saw the sun and the rainbows as soon as I came across this.

Monday, 19 July 2010

░▒▓█ Memories of a Japanese Internet Café

With some privilege I visited a particular Japanese Internet Café and had a good time there, and I also managed to make friends with the founder who is also a Japanese. Although the setup was in Bangkok (I have heard about it earlier via a Google ad and decided to go in for a look after seeing the attractions), it had an overall look that actually, quite closely resembled one you would find in Japan itself - where other than the air-conditioned surroundings each computer was assigned to a room, there were many kinds of rooms with different table and chair types to suit your preferences, and the place is comfortably quiet - a good refuge from the endless city noise. I also noticed that headphones are available and patrons are strongly encouraged to use them when listening to music and watching videos in order to preserve the tranquil atmosphere (as the partitions did not reach the ceiling). And on top of that, there is also a special room where retro video game fans who hunger for a bit of action could play Famicom and Super Famicom games too. 

In all of my trips there it was relatively empty, and needless to say I helped myself to those old games - sometimes with the founder, and sometimes all by myself when he was attending to other matters. He was pretty good in baseball (he likes sports games), we discussed strategy in Captain Tsubasa, but for Street Fighter II I just play casually with him and then do my best against the AI on hardest difficulty (everybody knows how dedicated I am by now hahaha), and he watched me play the classic Super Mario Bros. wanting to see me beat the game, and thankfully, I didn't disappoint.

However, some good things would come to an end, as the business owner eventually decided to fold it up due to an unsolvable dispute with the landlord and do something else. We do still keep in touch though (and he kept asking me to visit Japan with him haha).


Saturday, 17 July 2010

░▒▓█ A stupid post.

What happens when a guy makes a improper comment on a date? The girl get offended and totally hates your ass. It is not that difficult to guess. What it seems to be, these days that guys are using a form of strategy call “negs”. It is a form of insult planted to lower the girl’s self esteem so that the guy can move in easier. Here’s an example: “Nice nails, are they real? No? Oh, well they’re nice anyway.” (Ugly Betty season 2, they also feature 1 episode with this strategy)

Recently my girl friend went on a so called date and she just had this experience. She was out with him for lunch and having a casual conversation, and out of no where all of a sudden the guy just said to her “you are fat.” She was like, what? Why would he just make such a improper comment out of no where. She just smiled it off and said oh ya… put on a little weight lately (she’s still far from fat, i can vouch for that). As the lunch continues, he make another comment saying that her jaw was big, she had chubby cheeks. My friend was totally pissed and felt so insulted. My friend is a smart attractive girl and it’s not someone you can easily ask out. She was thinking to herself, what is this guy trying to do? After that he was trying to be cute and said she look like a cupcake! Haha! it was the wrong thing to say. He must have thought it was cute to call her cupcake. But all she thought was, now you think i’m round and fat but cute like a cupcake. OH NO! not this way you don’t. After lunch he wanted to walk her back to her office, and she couldn’t shake him off. While passing by the bathroom she said, she needed to use the ladies and she was going to be long, see ya!





Needless to say had a terrible lunch. The comment had bothered her. How can you tell a girl that she was fat. Especially on a date.

This person who wrote this article I fear, has poor English (this is what we call "emotional writing" where form and content objective go out of the window) and is correspondingly, very stupid. Probably a kindergarten graduate. The guy in question is also a win-defying loser with extremely poor technique. Without a doubt loneliness would be his good friend in the years to come. I can tell that he is also an extremely independent guy. Like, he mows his own lawn, buys his own wig and self-masturbates, so what more proof do you want?

But, in the very least it does pay to be educated that guinea pigs are meant to be experimented on, and be used in all sorts of ways. Simply put, they are born to serve and be tried. And of course, as I hasten to add as always - gently and with care. Understand you insensitive jerks?!??!?!!?!?

Also, if a smart and difficult girl could get affected by small things like this and could actually go out with a sworn loser who makes such unimpressive comments then that means she is not smart and difficult. More like dumb and easy.

And so the conclusion is: all of them are failures.

Friday, 16 July 2010

░▒▓█ They came

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Yup. They came for you this time as officers in military garb in the dead of the wintry night when you were sleeping, because you were a stubborn reactionary (

Please take the time to think over your mistake and reform yourself in the rehabilitative prison labour camp that was designed solely with you privileged kinds (貴様)
in mind.

░▒▓█ I Received Bust-A-Move in the Mail!!!

Yes, and it is no other than the defunct Neo Geo Pocket version.

I can never get enough of watching these cute classic creatures and old dignified art style.

Being a pretty avid fan of the Puzzle Bobble and the Bust-A-Move series (I have beaten 1, 2, 3, 4 and Super of the entire arcade series on one credit) I was keen to play and collect most of the home console installations as well, and even though most handheld versions before the DS ones were hardly up to the mark in terms of gameplay I decided to count them in my collection regardless.

Puzzle Bobble is a game that can and should also be enjoyed at home - a self-sustaining fact that has become even more critical when most town and city arcades have but made way for those crappy LAN (local area network) gaming centres.

Writer's Block: Capital offense

My opinion is that this death penalty thing should be exercised responsibly and caringly on all opponents without discrimination to their age, gender, beliefs. It must be fair to the entire demography. Particularly the gender aspect. Deviant and trangressional humans are humans too, let's all not forget that.

And of course for political candidates who misunderstand and even, rise to speak against the disciplinary initiative I am convinced that they are fake and so I don't like them, and I won't have enough time to spend listening to their other equally laughably idealistic notions on what the economy should be either.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

░▒▓█ CounterStrike

personne ordinaire #1: Japanese players only care about ARCADE, they don't bother with the home consoles.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): That's because all these Jap beggars are POOR and can only afford a few quarters in the arcade a day. They cannot AFFORD the home consoles (no doing very well in Street Fighter or even King of Fighters won't get any of these commoners a castle that is higher than their Emperor's - life for them everyday will be the same as everyone's). I'd shudder to think if these commoners would even try to buy the arcade machines they play... hahahahaha it's ridiculous to even entertain the notion hahahhahahahaa!!!!!!!

personne ordinaire #2: Seriously who plays the computer these days?

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): I for one do, and I still do. Unskilled labourers like you shouldn't talk so much.

personne ordinaire #3: Fighting the computer is boring.

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): Ah, another unskilled labourer. Cos you suck. Yes you do. You can proceed to suck my cock for something easier and more interesting.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

░▒▓█ A good question.

personne ordinaire: Why don't you ever post a match of you losing? I'm sick of seeing you being so victorious all the time because in any free market no competition sucks and my heart attack  came back when I saw this thank you and my mom hates me with the neighbours and this month's rent is still not paid and-

SS ("Schutzstaffel"): I don't mean to hurt you, but I strongly believe you have come to the wrong helpline. There is none here especially for a socialist betrayer like you. Consign yourself. Those kind of matches are few and far in between, even though sometimes there is a bit more, no thanks to my naughty cousin and even so they are also a waste of time and space to attend to, other than the fact that there happens to be almost nobody I played against that I admire or even like. We could use that to store more victories, though just a bit more on top of the usual. Why bother with those liabilities? It's all about being logical and practical, with no exceptions whatsoever.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

░▒▓█ A silly girl’s girly fears ~

☾ : last night i dreamt of you saying how you didn't want to be friends anymore (for a bunch of the crappiest reasons which seemed totally credible to the dreaming me) and i got sososo scared haha it wasn't even funny!

: Yeah it wouldn't. It would be the suckiest thing if it came true. But don't worry, because dreams are just dreams, and for the most part they reflect but the sometimes idiosyncratic thoughts of the mind.

Lalala lalala la la...
~ ♫

Friday, 9 July 2010

░▒▓█ Google all set to reboot in China

SHANGHAI: Google Inc has been given the green light by Beijing to continue operating its Chinese search page, averting a potential shutdown of its flagship search site in the world’s biggest Internet market.

Google said last week that it would stop automatically rerouting users to its uncensored Hong Kong-based search page, explaining that Beijing had indicated it would not renew its Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence if it continued to do so.

That had prompted speculation that China might use the opportunity to shut down Google’s China search page, which would have been a blow to its other business in the country.

“China has renewed our license,” a Google spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday. “We are very pleased that the government has renewed our ICP license and we look forward to continuing to provide web search and local products to our users in China.”

China Internet analysts and industry watchers welcomed the move as a positive sign but cautioned against heady optimism.

“It is good news for the Chinese consumer, good news for the Chinese Internet industry that Google is still available in the country in some shape or form,” said Ted Dean, president of Beijing-based business advisory firm BDA.

“But many of the issues around why Google shut down its Chinese search page in the first place are still there,” Dean said.

Google stunned markets and consumers in January when it warned it might quit the country, saying it did not want to comply any longer with the censorship requirements needed to operate in China. In March, Google began to automatically redirect visitors to its China website to a search site in Hong Kong that provided uncensored results. Now visitors to the page have to click once in order to visit the Hong Kong page.

“This doesn’t really change anything about Google’s posit ion in China. The redirection to its Hong Kong site is ongoing so it is the same problem as before,” said Elinor Leung, senior analyst with CLSA in Hong Kong. Leung expects traffic from Chinese visitors to continue to drop for Google and for advertisers to turn to other domestic choices such as China search leader Baidu.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt had told an industry gathering on Thursday in the US he was confident the company would secure the licence.

Google’s current search business in China accounts for a tiny slice of the firm’s $24 billion in annual revenue. Analysts estimate revenue in China to range from $300 million to roughly $600 million, but the long-term growth prospects are key.

As the world’s largest Internet market with nearly 400 million users, China only has an Internet penetration rate of 25% with huge market opportunities in search, e-commerce and online gaming, analysts say. Google has around 30% market share of China’s 7 billion yuan ($1 billion) search market.

Mixing business with politics

Google’s move to stop automatic redirection and its obtaining renewal of the license are indications that relations between it and Beijing are thawing.

“In China, it is very common that you need to give the government face if you want to do business here. The double-click rule (not automatically rerouting users) shows that Google can compromise and give them face,” said Edward Yu of technology research firm Analysys International.

Google’s stock was up around 4% in premarket trading after the announcement, while Baidu’s stock was down 5.3%.

The company’s row with the Chinese government over Internet censorship and hacking attacks added to a burst of tensions between Washington and Beijing, which also saw diplomatic spats over China’s currency, US arms sales to Taiwan and Tibet.

But tensions have subsided in recent months. On Thursday, the Obama administration declined to label China a currency manipulator, and a decision to allow Google to keep its Chinese website could remove another source of friction.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

░▒▓█ A fun cab ride back

Outside my friend's place I saw on oncoming taxi that was available, and I quickly flagged it and as it came to a halt I hopped in. The driver looked happy (probably at a good-looking guy like me who is also a passenger hahaha), and he has a kind and friendly look all in all. My impression of him was positive. However, the very first thing that my eyes was quick to chance on while closing the door after putting my things on the right of the rear seat was a white thing that was wedged in the gap of the door handle as I began to close it, and seeing that it was actually a used tissue (how totally disgusting) I just quickly touched on the side instead. Whew! My impression then fell to the lowest ebb, and as I told the driver about it he shrugged it off, saying this is but the local culture. Then sarcastically I asked if the earlier passenger had used the stinking tissue to wipe his face or actually, somewhere else, and he laughed at the cheeky and suggestive notion. In a matter-of-factly but funny way he revealed that some local people are even worse than those in the mainland. He said every foreign visitor had conveyed to him that this country is a very nice and a very clean place, before I interjected saying that's only because of the hard work of cleaners that are employed by the government. He laughed and said that was precisely what he wanted to tell me. He told me how someone complained about the mainlanders' sense of hygiene and all but he responded saying what about looking at yourself, you're even worse than them.

As we started sharing observations and experiences we agreed that the local people really have no sense of hygiene wherever you turn. He told me there was a passenger once who kept blowing his nose hard in the car (without a covered tissue!), and he just asked him if he could show a bit of consideration as the space is small and as the air-conditioner is also on there is also a chance that he might need a flu pill when he gets home. I laughed at his incredulous expression when he recounted what he said and I told him of an incident where there were some people I was with in an air-conditioned room who, of all things, spat around in it. He shook his head and went on about the different kinds of passengers he encountered. First, the drunk-vomiting types. He couldn't stand those because other than the hellish stench it takes at least an hour of effort to clear the mess. So he began to be more selective with passengers. And he specificially told me to feel the base of the car, which I did, and discovered it is actually coated with a coarse plastic exterior. He said he had specifically requested a change to this because when he got this car new it came with a carpet fitting instead. Imagine cleaning vomit on a carpet... and I told him that it is not only unhygienic but also, unhealthy as carpet itself tends to trap in other forms of dirt easily, and he strongly agreed. Then he told me he was robbed three times in his career, one of whom he actually picked up from a crowded taxi stand despite his trying to take precautions! Yeah, it's unpredictable, these things, I concurred and he proceed to share the kind of strange women who took his ride. There was one type where, instead of paying for the trip, sat next to him and showed him one of her breasts instead and then pestered him for payment! Yes, I said his situation was extremely disadvantageous as she is a woman and more importantly if he happened to touch her for whatever reason she can easily cry "molest!" and he'd be in deep trouble. He agreed heavily on that too, and said he would give her a few dollars for coffee and ask her to leave. He told the same to his colleagues too, when they encountered the same problem. Arguing and refusal is pointless. There were also some more daring types who went on put his hand on their exposed chest before doing so, and he joked that for a few dollars of coffee money that's not too bad. And I offered that if it were in one of those bars he'd definitely have to pay much more and we laughed. There was also one woman, who seemed to be high on drugs or something, and as he revealed she actually  stripped herself totally naked from behind!! He saw some skin and sensing something amiss, he stopped at the highway on the side and he got the shock of his life when he saw what happened as he wondered if anyone outside had noticed. So the best course of action he took, was to drive all the way to the police station. After calling the cops one arrived, looked at the woman, and left, followed by another, who came, looked, and left, and then another. Hahaha. He looked at them and wagged his finger, until a female cop came with a towel to cover her up and took her out.

He said she was of a mixed blood. In a man-to-man talk that followed I asked if she was pretty, he answered positively. When I asked about her figure he was even more positive. He said she had lots of hair though, and we agreed it's not a really pretty sight. And I thoughtfully added that even if he were to stop elsewhere and enjoy the opportunity it wouldn't be a good idea, because going by the way it appears to be she could have done such a thing so many times and God knows how many guys have actually done and left her in that mode afterwards. He agreed, and said that that is very possible, and God knows how many kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases she must have had in her all in all. She is the type that nobody wants to play with anymore, and that if she were a virgin, her nipples would have been red, but from what he saw, they were as large as dimes, and very black at that. Boring. Then he said we men are so incorrigible, but I consoled him saying that women are our toys and it is natural that we have to observe and play with them properly. =D

As we reached the destination we chatted some more. We talked about the prices of those public housing projects and how high they've really become unlike in the past couple of decades. They've almost reached untouchable status, we observed. It never seems to drop right, he asked. I answered affirmatively, saying prices fall for only a few nickels before reaching new peaks as they always do. Foreigners are propping the prices up further, and it seems that the value of his house from my estimation is now actually worth 10 times more than it was 20 years ago. He said he's still holding to it as the property market is solid now, but if he sold his house, where should, or where could he put up. I told him well, give it to a foreigner for a good price, and then, take the money and retire to a Third World country. He laughed. And he tells me in one of those do-you-know trivia that he actually visits the mainland every year with his family, the town where his ancestors were and his relatives live. It is a good way to destress from the city he emphasised, saying the pace of life is slower, the food cheaper AND fresher, and it's much more carefree. But the weather is too unbearably hot. I asked if things there have changed, and without hesitation he said of course. The first change was the existence of cabs unlike before and like twenty years ago if he brought a local tin of biscuits of a humble brand (especially by local standards) everyone there would react like they are looking at a piece of gold, but nowadays if he were to do the same they would, as he acts out, give a contemptuous look and fling it aside. They are looking in the direction of the paper imitations of gold and silver in this modern capitalist age, and they would prefer that so they could decide where to go for a bite. From our conversation I was convinced we could be friends, and so I asked for his contact if I needed his services as well. He said he does have regular passengers after midnight and it wouldn't be nice if he couldn't pick me up for so many times, but I said I wouldn't hold it against him if that's the case as I'd just be practically trying my luck, and he agreed. After nothing the details on my cell phone I dialed to confirm if the number was correct, and his cell phone received it. Seeing a foreign face I asked if that picture was his wife, and he said yes. And I said she's really pretty. And he told me he has a daughter too and she's in junior high and from what he described of her subjects and ambitions I could see she's proving very good in her studies, and I told him that. He said he wasn't so sure as he wasn't certain about the education system and so he just listens to what she tells him. But she's a potential, I said, and I suggested that even if I couldn't be his passenger we could still go out for a cup of tea and he said sure, and that he'd call me when there is time. Bidding him farewell I exited the cab and went inside the house (it's good to be back), and took the time to type this account from my laptop before heading for the big, crash.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

░▒▓█ I took a dictator test recently.

And here I'm afraid, is the outcome of my trial:

Honestly when I saw and read everything I was very disappointed, because I actually expected to bear more fun likeness with:

Adolf Hitler playing lovingly with his dog.

Joseph Stalin in winter military fashion.

Don't worry, for the loving sake of progressives and imperialists alike I will definitely seek to improve myself.

░▒▓█ Your Momma's So Fat

When she rolled in the snow we thought it was an avalanche.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

░▒▓█ Sonic has a brother

Look at the way his hair goes down at the back.

I have found FOUR distinct similarities between Blanka and Sonic:

#1 - Both have the same outlandish hair
#2 - Both specialise in rolling (they are their own projectile especially Blanka HAHAHA)
#3 - Both are cocky (Blanka's win quote in the II series is the cockiest of them all other than M. Bison himself that is just harsh)
#4 - Both debuted in 1991.

Hmm, you asses.

░▒▓█ My hearfelt advice to those that can’t play video games.

Oh yes the sport is alternative. Dumb people don't get it. Anyway:

Facepalm #1

Facepalm #2

Facepalm from a fellow mortal:

The Ultimate Facepalm from a heavenly ambassador:

This is actually a little-mentioned statue that was erected in Rome during ancient times when he saw a young man studying how wheels are invented so that he could invent one more. An astrologer who happened to be nearby noted the spiritual figure and his reaction and spent the remainder of his life joyously carving this statue in his likeness. On certain nights you can actually see tears flowing from the statue, and it actually trembles intensely tandem. But you won't feel scared - because it emanates a holy aura even in such a quizzical position and you'd rather feel like laughing along uproariously out of respect and polite agreement. I know, because I did.

So, shoto turtles need to watch tutorial videos on how to defeat Balrog and Gill with a shoto character. Bravo!

And they aren't double perfect videos either, pfftt. Maybe if these forever-developing novices called their videos "casual plays" with their pads and sticks then I wouldn't be so mad.

To all those similarly under par and again, dumb people: I seriously believe if you have a problem with video games and especially fighting games and the problem has overflowed into your life then allow me to suggest the following alternative activities:

Video games are naturally too alternative I also mean difficult. They are not meant for shoto novices as well as  intelligence-deficient people like you. Please indulge in life's simple pleasures instead.
PS Psst, here is something even easier:

Remember to have some basic courtesy to thank me when your health improves.