Wednesday, 26 May 2010

░▒▓█ Continuum of what happened.

Now in the hospital I wonder
if those voices are finally gone.
I know what I did was, unprecedented
but I thought

That this was something that needed to be done.
To address what went awry in the beginning
And went inevitably downhill afterward.
In order to safely enter a continued phase of rebirth.

So there is no right or wrong I finally reasoned
As the nurse rolled the food tray forward.
Looking at the sky outside the window
And away from the cops I realised

That all that I have done
That all that I have said
Was but that of an aspirant
Traveling this crazy surreal wilderness

In the neverending pursuit for power. 

Sunday, 23 May 2010

░▒▓█ Lost and yet found.

I confess. I got into that kind of, social problem once. Yeah it's also a China girl, no matter what you may make of it. She gave me as would anyone else the same typical story about her troubles with getting into a new city followed by the usual promises of giving me a callback to return the full amount the very next day. Yeah all these as we all know, were ppfffftttt. I simply gave her the money that she requested, swallowed her crap and took it down pretty easy because I was happy that a bit of my money could actually be put to help someone in some kind of a need, and just barely a week had past when I was walking around someplace after a heavy dinner with a few good friends I happened to see that girl again. I called her out, but she was surprised when she saw that it was me and she quickly tried to make an exit to elsewhere. But as the saying goes that newcomers are no match for the established settler I easily caught up with her and I asked how she was doing.

Cornered, she took quite a few moments to answer and when she finally did, she blurted out that she had no money to return to me, that I was really so stupid to be fooled by her the last time and that if I wanted I could feel free to make a police report but it'd be futile anyway as there was no real evidence of such a transaction between us.

Taking her response in the usual stride I simply told her that I only wanted to know if she's okay, and that she could actually manage to cheat me was only because I allowed her to. Having lived for so long as I reminded her, would there be anything in this world that I have not yet seen, including that simple bullshit of hers? Could I actually be so stupid and for no reason? Predictably she was sneering and cynical and all that throughout the conversation but at that last question her expressions started taking a change.

Continuing in a matter-of-fact way I revealed to her the reason why I let myself be conned by her, was because, I was, and I am, concerned about her. She asked me why. I said this is simply because people in China are mostly born poor and are suffering in poverty, and so they would have to try harder than most other people to make a living and survive, even when they get to go abroad. Wrapping up what I had to say I told her I was happy that the money could get her out of whatever problem she was facing at the time, and that was all I wanted.

But what happened next kinda surprised me. She started tearing, she said sorry a few times for doing a thing like this to me and as she wiped her tears away, she gave me her mobile number again, which was, hmm, a new one, promising yet once more to find a way to give the money back to me.

I told her I'm cool with it, and as a parting shot, I asked her to take care of herself. A few days later I received an expected call on my cell phone. It was from her, which I must stress was again, rather unprecedented as I had totally forgotten her number, I did not intend to call her up at all to pursue the matter or whatever and I had already decided that if she pulled the same bullcrap off on me again then I would accept it without a fight as I would before and move on with my life. Following that we met up at a certain place like she said, and true to her word she put the same amount of money into my hands, when I have forgotten how much it was. Plus a hug. As I put away the trivial dollars and cents we began to talk about stuff, we laughed, we found common ground and we became quite close to each other. And all that I'd say about this whole thing is: for the many little nice things that she did for me thereafter, it was but her pure heart that counted most and she's a really sweet girl I can assure you that.

Friday, 21 May 2010

░▒▓█ An interesting opponent

Keyboard is used against the opponent from Japan. It's a good time playing with him. Balrog's bad matchup (especially the S version), is Zangief. Fuck him. I mean the character.

As for the opponent from Japan his name 'yokohama' immediately brings me on recall of the classic novel I've enjoyed reading during junior high called Around the World in 80 Days, where a desperate Phileas Fogg, taking Auoda with him, asks a crew member of the American steamer bound from Hong Kong to Yokohama if Passepartout's name was on the list.

Despite the tight traveling schedule to fulfill a bet with his contemporaries at the Reform Club back in England Fogg had spent the entire day in Hong Kong with Auoda looking for Passepartout after losing contact with him, when the truth is he was actually waylaid and drugged by a zealous Detective Fix in an opium den there, after the former had strongly refused his suggestion to betray Fogg whom he described as a wanted man, to his capture.

There is a strong sense of loyalty between these two men.

And as for this great paperback version of this great story the page-by-page illustrations are interesting and very beautiful, and the story is cut pretty straight to the point where all the interesting parts are joined successively together with nothing mundane (ie boring filler) in between unlike the unabridged edition where I couldn't force myself to go further than 140 pages (which is already very generous on my part) before feeling bored and running away to do something more fun. Oh at that time my classmates read Sidney Sheldon, David Eddings and all those "grownup" crap, yet my English is also unfortunately, way above practically all of theirs hahaha. Lastly I thank Pablo Marcos Studio, Al Leiner and Marian Leighton for everything they've put in for this one. Thank you so much.